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Jewelry “sell by kilo”, open blind box type of marketing, will consumers buy?

New sales method

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Sales hot random delivery by kilo

Blind box opening is favored by many young people because it is accompanied by unknown surprises.
Nowadays, many shopping platforms have appeared “mixed packaging wholesale jewely by kilo”, “blind bag” and other hot products. By searching for wholesale jewelry through keywords and entering relevant shops randomly, the monthly sales of the shops are in the hundreds or even thousands.

Find out why sales are booming

Randomly browse the buyer’s message and the product picture uploaded by the merchant. It can be found that the main message keywords for quality, quantity, surprise. Product pictures are mostly added “clearance”” foreign trade to domestic sales”and other words.
It is not difficult to understand why consumers buy according to kilo.
On the one hand, they think it’s cheaper.
On the other hand, selling by kilo. not only save the selection time, but also add the surprise of opening the blind box.

Be careful about what you buy

Wholesale jewelry is cheap. However, in the actual sales process, consumers also have concerns about quality control.
On many video platforms, many bloggers buy and evaluate wholesale jewelry works, and get a lot of clicks.
In general, customers should also pay attention to quality assurance of the regular products.

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