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Maintenance of wholesale jewelry

A way to preserve jewelry

by hahahaha

The wholesale jewelry  I just bought home are shining and moving, but as time goes on, the wholesale jewelry I bought back are found not to be moving and beautiful enough. Most people only know how to buy jewelry and do not know how to maintain wholesale jewelry and keep its beauty. Only with more care and careful care, can jewelry be beautiful all the time. Here are some common sense for you! Make jewelry maintenance easier!

First, although diamonds are the king of hardness, we can’t ignore the maintenance of diamonds~First drop a little chlorine free detergent into the container, then add hot water, and then put the diamond into it. Then use a soft toothbrush to wash the crown and bottom of the diamond, and then wash away the detergent with clean water.When wearing daily, pay attention to the following:

(1) Do not wear diamond ornaments;

(2) Be careful that the diamond touches the bleach;

(3) Try to place the diamond independently and separately to avoid wear due to friction;

(4) As there may be grease when wearing, it is easy to get dirty, so it must be cleaned regularly to maintain the original shine of diamonds.

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