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Top Web Development Trends for 2022

by Alina
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Websites and web development have been here for years already. However, the growth of new technologies that enhance the user experience and improve lead generation happened in the last few years. As a web developer or a website owner, it is important to keep up with these trends and apply them to your website to stay relevant. 

Here are some trends to keep in mind while developing a new website in 2022. 

Mobile-first Design and Development

Gone are the days of desktop-first development followed by a responsive check. The number of active mobile users and devices easily outweighs the desktop users. It is vital for businesses to have a mobile-friendly website to attract more customers and grow their business. 

The best way to build a mobile-friendly website is to design and develop it mobile-first rather than the other way around. If you are not familiar with it, hire a Web development company that specializes in doing that. 

Dark Mode Compatability

Dark Mode for websites has become one of the most popular trends in the last few years. People who use websites and web apps prefer to have a dark mode option as it is easier on the eyes and reduces battery consumption. It is important to decide if your website is having a dark mode or not at the beginning of the project since it would get quite complicated to do after development.

Many Fortune 500 companies have adapted to dark mode and you might consider that too, for your customers probably prefer lesser eye strain. 

AI-Powered Chatbots 

AI has been in the trend for the upcoming years as we are still learning about it and unlocking its potential. One such potential unlocks that’s trending right now is using AI-powered chatbots for your website. Users want services and support 24/7 and AI-powered chatbots can offer the same. 

The chatbots train and learn from the existing and incoming chats while providing responses to the frequently asked questions. They improve user experience manyfold while collecting user information and leads. 

Voice Search Compatibility

It is a known fact that the voice search option has been here for a long time now. But, with the AI-powered Google Assistant, Siri, etc. growing rapidly people are starting to utilize this option more and more. It is important that websites and web applications are developed with compatibility. 

Push Notifications 

Push notifications are a feature not just for applications. It can also be leveraged by websites and web applications to improve the user experience while making a visitor into a loyal customer. 

Businesses are constantly on the lookout to connect with their customers and provide them with the right information and the right time. This helps businesses grow, while also giving the customers a satisfactory solution. Push notifications are very easy to set up which improves the user experience and engagement without the need for a mobile application. 

Single Page Applications 

The mobile-dominated world is always looking for web applications that are simple while performing complex tasks. Single-page applications provide the same. SPA has one long web page, where the parts are divided into sections that perform different tasks. 

Single Page Applications are extremely smooth and scroll-friendly. They improve user engagement, boost conversion rate and provide a rich user experience. 

It is important that you and your website stay updated with the newest technologies so that you can reach your intended business goals. However, there is a fine line of understanding what you need. It is not very smart to go with every trend that is existent. Analyze the trends, think about your need, improvise if you want to, or compromise. If you need expert advice, hire a professional Web development company and choose the best option that suits your needs.

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