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Why to Choose MBBS in China for Indian Students?

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MBBS in China for Indian Students

China is one of the largest countries in all of Asia and has the largest population in any country in the world. A country in East Asia with a population of about 1.4 billion. You should know why to choose MBBS in China for Indian students? China is known for its huge infrastructure and industrial development. We should also not forget to discuss the Chinese education system.

Cost of MBBS in China

The cost of MBBS in China is cheaper than private medical colleges in India. MBBS is very affordable in China and courses start from 1.5 lakh INR. So, getting an MBBS admission in China is easy and involves a very simple process. Also, about 48 Chinese medical universities are recognized by the Indian Medical Council (MCI). Mandarin has been taught to MBBS students since the first year of the course. Also, MBBS is in China for about 6 years with one year for internship.

Chinese medical universities are listed in the global list of medical schools and the degrees are recognized worldwide. So, the 3 best-spoken languages in China are standard Chinese, Yue (Cantonese), and Wu (Shanghai). Studying and living in China is much smarter than in other European countries. So, in China, 186 universities are registered in the World Medical Schools Register (WDOMS) for MBBS.

Benefits of MBBS in China

  1. The first big benefit of finishing MBBS from China is that foreign apprentices are taught in English.
  2. The cost of MBBS tuition in China is very low compared to private colleges in India.
  3. Also, the cost of food and housing in China is very economical.
  4. The entrance exam is not required and is based on the 12th result only.
  5. Scholarship programs are available while studying MBBS in China.
  6. The best MCI accredited universities in China.
  7. Students studying MBBS in China are given a good clinical impact.

Eligibility Criteria

No entrance exam is required to enter MBBS from China. Admission is based on the 12th result as well as on the scores obtained in the NEET.

  1. Each Chinese university has different 12% compliance criteria and minimum NEET requirements.
  2. Documents required for MBBS in China
  3. Original 10th sheet
  4. Original sheet 12
  5. NEET scorecard
  6. Original passport with a properly scanned copy back and forth for email exchange
  7. 6 photos, passport size 33mm × 48mm, width and height on matte paper with white background
  8. Bank statement
  9. Non-criminal statements
  10. Physical examination sheet

Top Universities in China

  1. University of Jilin
  2. Wenzhou Medical University
  3. Southeast University
  4. Yangzhou University
  5. Fujian Medical University
  6. University of Anhui Medical

Why only China for MBBS?

Studying MBBS in China is very sensible for Indian students. Also, MBBS classes in universities are conducted in English by highly qualified teachers. Also, China has a well-developed infrastructure. Internships can be done in China, where universities are organized for you and will be cheaper for the student, but you can also do your internship in your own country.


Chinese people speak Chinese – standard Chinese, Mandarin (70% of the population in China speaks Mandarin). Several other dialects are used in Chinese Yue, Xiang, Minbei, and so on. But in the country’s big cities, people can also speak and understand English.


Wearing MBBS in China will be valuable for an Indian student. Studying and living in China is reasonable.

Traveling Cost

Travel to China is not expensive, it is economically reasonable. A person typically spends about 13,000-15,000 INR for a one-way plane ticket.


Rice is a staple food in China. Also, noodles are a staple food. Vegetables are the second most main part of Chinese food after rice. The Chinese mainly eat all kinds of animal meat, such as pork, beef, mutton, chicken, duck, pigeon, and so on.

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