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Why Rimworld Is So Awesome Planet

by Ashish123

ET but the ones that do are usually extremely good games Minecraft civilization doesn’t starve in fact toria is some of the best indie games ever made and one of the things that they all have in common is that it’s very hard to get bored with them. It’s not a spells game for sure.

Each new Minecraft world or civilization session creates a completely new experience for the new environment and scenario instead of 5 you could place Venice and get nuked by Gandhi.

Then start a new game and changed up to place Russia and still get nuked by god but the experience is different every timekeeping on the topic of civilization 5 it’s not surprising that it ended up becoming such a cool game.

There were 50 plus people who worked on it that’s a pretty big team for a game like that but what if I told you that there’s a strategy game that’s even more impressive than civilization a lot more addicting and with even more replay value and that game was made primarily by one.

Do I’m talking about real-world playing remote is like learning how to play the guitar you have to sit back and cultivate your skill focusing on learning what’s important in improving your technique throughout the process except this guitar is made out of spiky toxic metal that sometimes spontaneously combust?

Can give you malaria endo spiders come out of that when the moves in the wrong position in this game you control manage a group of colonists has crash-landed on a distant planet your goal is to build a colony stay safe adventure technology and try to get off the planet.

But this isn’t your usual solve problems that you’ve created type game where simple issues create simple and predictable problems like Helen oxygen not included you could accidentally pollute your water supply.

If you put the toilets in the wrong place no my friend of ram world is much more complex this is one of the A. I. storytellers who changes your gameplay experience based on what’s happened for example let’s say you’re a known colonist mean massive. Check here for different kinds of full forms.

Strange planet

Small big just trying to live out your life and go to mountain based on a strange planet then the fire nation attacks you to guy prisoner because you’re lonely you can use your medicine on him which makes you not have enough medicine which may.

Is it takes you longer to heal which because you do not build up your defenses enough and then die to a singular rabbit’s squirrels and that is why the rumor was so awesome thanks for watching.

Anyways enough levering rim world is without a doubt one of the best indie games on steam and that seems to be a common agreement among thousands of people it’s one of the most addicting games I’ve ever played in its design is top-notch there are so many little mechanics that add to the quality of this game.

A lot of the time you won’t even realize it to take a deeper dive so in today’s article, I’m gonna dive into some of those things discuss the mechanics and specifics of this one of a kind title and talk about why this guy will give you nightmares and ruin your social life in today’s article talking about why the real world is so awesome.

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So act fast thanks again Desiro for sponsoring this article. Emerald is one of the highest-rated games on steam with overwhelmingly positive reviews and an average playtime of 130.8:00 hours out of the 2000000 plus people who purchased this amazing game on average they have 130.8:00 hours playing it.

You can’t really blame them because as I said before Rome world is one of the most captivating games I’ve ever played and a good majority of these captivates shouldn’t stem from the story on the surface for moral doesn’t really have a story other than looking you crash-landed better scape.

But when you begin to really dive into this game and spend some time playing it you realize the stories actually generated along the way action one will in fact lead to action to but something else will almost always be thrown in along the way change your plan and making you have to rethink everything.

Let’s take a look at the tragic tale of my first colony. I was struggling with my 4 colonists and was probably going to die in the upcoming future I just had a raid happen.

So I wasn’t that worried about another one for a little bit and I was running dangerously low on supplies so I took a big risk set some traps and sent my entire colony on a supply run warning don’t do this.

If you’re playing around the world No surprises here but the second that I did this someone decided to barge into Phil and rate my face a little bit of damage here and there and set some stuff on fire but luckily they ended up walking into my trap and dying.

So when I got back I repaired my basin was feeling good lucky to still be alive and then a mega slot decided to attack me it’s severely injured 2 of my colonists and my doctor was carrying him back into the base to be saved.

Wrong and rim world

She stepped in the traps that were still there causing her and the 2 other colonists to die yes my friend if things can go wrong and rim world they most definitely will so you have to prepare for the worst you see most management games are focused on doing tasks X. Y. Z.

In order to keep things moving but the reward is about living through the unpredictable stories that are generated for your colonists and solving the problems that arise because of them the story unravels itself as you see the consequences of your prior actions.

You need to focus on damage control and preventing future situations from happening each and every call in his has specific personalities connections and bonds that can cause or fix problems in your game some call us to have a tendency to use drugs when they get stressed.

Which makes them become addicted and can cause a much bigger problem later on some call this fall in love with each other and then when one dies the other one does their mind and goes on a rampage destroying everything in your colony and to send another call on us to rest them.

Where they can stop is an absolute show most of the time and that’s what’s so good about if everything had an easy solution it would just be like every other management game but it’s not and this is the reason why real-life always has something that’s unpredictable.

The room world mirrors that perfectly these events that absolutely derail your gameplay aren’t just limited to repeatable predictable things like a ray.

Aides are angry colonist unpredictability continues with how ridiculous some of these events are sometimes you get attacked by poisonous attacks squirrels sometimes lightning just so happens to strike the most flammable and combustible room in your entire house and sometimes it’s stuff.

Killed raiders

You can’t even explain like look at this review a guy killed 2 raiders and captured another made him into a prisoner decided to decorate his room with the statue and the statute the colonists created was a statue of the prisoners to friends being killed which cause a prisoner to have a mental breakdown and run around naked.

You may think this review is a stretch but stuff like this happens in the real world all the time and the unpredictability helps to make it so awesome.

In between managing each and every crisis that inevitably unfolds you spend your time trying to manage your time you need to work to progress in the game that Cheney study food supply research new items and protect yourself.

Raiders room world is one of the most engaging strategic time management games I’ve ever played there’s always something to work on and you usually have a limited amount of labor.

Because you need to satisfy your colonist’s needs as well as make progress this call is aren’t mindless drones they’re real people with real personalities quirks and needs and if you don’t focus on them they become like needy girlfriends who always start problems.

So in between caring for them, you got to make some progress or the elements will end up killing you if the millions of other things don’t it is a pretty big priority because you only start with the small amount.

It doesn’t last very long and if you have a pet well kiss your food goodbye because York shire terriers have the appetite of 3 large elephants so it’s always a good idea to plant fields and grow something quick like rice.

While you can then you have to cook the food useful advantage so you gotta make sure you have a colonist who’s good at cooking and if you want better food you gotta make sure growing crops with meats.

This means you also have to have a good hunter and you need someone to clean up the blood from butchering where nobody gets sick each task creates more tests that need to be done.

Time management

This further intensifies your time management eventually you’ll get overwhelmed with the small number of colonists you have and you have to focus on getting more usually by capturing them are winding into rate honestly captured prisoners are a huge strain on your time and resources.

This means that until they convert over to your side once again you’re gonna have to be conscious of your time management it all goes full circle.

Speaking of prisoners they have been my downfall and most of my playthroughs going back to the lovely colonists of massive small bigs he was a rich solo explore any was tasked with starting a colony on his own turns out he was terrible at pretty much everything and was struggling.

So when a writer named monkey attacked I captured him and thought everything was going to be better but know this stupid prisoner a majority of my food which left me to crunch for time causing me to be underprepared and die to a rabbit squirrel it be like that sometimes regardless of how things work out.

However, time management is one of the most important things in Rome’s world and you’re gonna have to try your hardest to be good at it there’s a really simple and intuitive prioritization system that allows you to change what each colonist focuses on and in what order they do it.

I really like the system and it allows things to run exactly how you want it to be right plus if something urgent happens you can queue up priority tasks to make your call is focused on whatever it is you’re struggling with allowing you to take manual override.

if needed you can configure everything from storage items to allow paths of travel to electric grid set ups and each of these things can make or break your productivity as things progress you need to focus on your end goal of getting off the planet you do this by researching new technology trees.

The planet in beat the game

Which you use to further your progression and eventually leave the planet in beat the game I’ve never actually made it to this point because I either die or yeah actually it’s pretty much the only reason you start with fairly simple technology and you can eventually create things like defense turrets advanced weapons and armor drug production and more.

Research is really the only way to progress in the game and if you don’t have anyone who is good at researching things it’s going to be a struggle for you in fact when you recruit the initial colonists you need to make sure that you have people with a wide range of skills.

Because you’re calling us productivity and efficiency depend heavily on what they’re good at this is one thing that changes the game play drastically compared to getting into a game like oxygen not included in that game a duplicate.

It’s a duplicate and it doesn’t really make much of a difference who you have and who you don’t budge in room world having about cara.

Can make or break your game in my latest playthrough is pretty balanced with one person focused on farming when I’m cooking and researching and one on mining and construction with a few other traits filling in the remaining gaps.

You often have visitors from other colonies who want to trade with you and having colonized with good social skills will help you do that trading is a big aspect of the game especially later on in your playthroughs because good relationships with rival factions can be a blessing in disguise.

But it all stems down to the skills of your colonists in your gameplay will change drastically depending on what you decide to do with all of these needy ask hollowness demanding your constant attention.

You’re gonna want to make sure they have somewhere secure and comfortable to stay this building is the main focus of the game and ensuring the longevity of your base is extremely important. You can start with basic water steel walls to help keep you out of the elements.

Quality materials

But you can eventually be upgraded to higher quality materials and add defenses to make it harder to get rated my favorite design is putting a majority of the base inside of a mountain where it’s nearly impossible to successfully raid it’s a lot harder to catch on fire plus you can add mortars automatic guns.

All sorts of other technologies to help keep you safe and sound but safety is in everything because you have the visual appeal of your base is important too things like room comfort and aesthetics help to keep your colonists at peak performance and sporty things out is a good way to keep everyone productive and happy.

Regardless though the wide range of customization makes every experience feel different and it helps to make real-world so awesome.

Now as you can probably tell grim world is a very complex game with many different systems that play a big part in your gameplay there are animal breeding pads combat body augments like artificial arms and legs caravans and quite a few other things in this article I’m not gonna go into detail about all of them.

Because the gist of these types of articles is to deliver the most important information in the shortest amount of time plus I want to take a break from writing the script where I can go back and play remote but there is one other thing that I really need to touch on to help explain what makes it so awesome.


The modding I said this in the past but some other games but the real world also has some of the best modding communities I’ve ever seen I thought games like Stardew valley had extreme arctic communities.

But the real world takes it to the next level there are thousands of extremely high-quality modern room worlds and all of them can completely change your gameplay experience I am not exaggerating there are complete system reworks a mechanic overhauls.

Because of medics mods multiplayer mods and more, it’s quite impressive how many more hours you can put into the game if you dive into the modding community and this month can really turn the real world into an entirely different game.

These mods plus the amazing DLCs help to make room world an infinitely replayable and infinitely awesome game and I 100 percent recommended it to anybody who likes the style game.

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