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Why is PhD More Prominent Than Master’s Degree?

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PhD More Prominent

Postgraduate is considered an important step for many students in their academic careers after completing an undergraduate degree through audit thesis topics by PhD professionals.


While many students think that it is compulsory to do a master’s to get admission in Ph.D. however, in reality, both are not the compulsory case just like writing master thesis services for admission.


Sometimes it is better and more efficient to jump straight to pursue a Ph.D. in order to reach specific career goals. However, this isn’t the case for every student. According to the survey result on 153 institutes, very few institutes offer separate master’s degrees. (Howell & Murdock, 1972)



What is a master’s degree?

Master’s is a part of the education that comes after an undergraduate degree. It is also known as a postgraduate degree.

Often these degrees are referred to as cycles so that the bachelor is the first cycle degree, the latest is the second cycle degree and Ph. D. is the third cycle degree which is the highest of all.


A master’s degree is a high-level education that usually focus on a series of lectures, coursework, and exams, after which a research treatise, which normally takes three to four months for a student to complete, is complete.


A masters’ degree is more likely attractive to the students who are deeply driven into their specific field of study. These students want to gain more specialized knowledge and some research experience that is beyond the boundaries of their undergraduate degree.


Some students prefer to earn a master’s degree in a subject that is not relate to a bachelor’s degree in order to acquire a frontier aspect of knowledge. A master’s degree is already employed and helps students who want to improve their careers and raise their salaries. However, the Master’s degree also provides students with the opportunity to make a complete professional change by acquiring new expertise and skills.


Benefits of a master’s degree?

There are several benefits of doing a master’s degree. These include:

  • It takes less time and money as compared to the graduate degree program.
  • It is a great way to showcase yourself in front of those who only hold an undergraduate degree without having any substantial research degree.
  • Its aim is more career-focused than research-focused.
  • It is an easy way to change the route of the career that aligns with the professional goals.

What is a Ph.D. degree?

A doctor of philosophy is the high level of education, probably the third and final cycle of higher education. By doing doctor of philosophy, one can be awarded by the high authorities.


The degree can only be earned on the basis of producing novel work(a thesis) that contains new research or knowledge on a particular research area.


The Ph.D. degree is an important investment because it contains a large amount of students’ time, energy, and resources. It is essential for the person who wants to pursue a career in academia such as becoming a professor.


However, there are some exceptions like a person who earns a degree in medicine is known as MD i.e doctor or medicine which is equal to the Ph.D.


Beyond his PhD in science, his career development is in areas such as business, engineering and finance. PhD requirement are required in areas of high qualification and high demand for competent individual.




Benefits of a Ph.D. degree?

As mentioned above that you have both choices to continue the doctoral program after your master’s degree or you can directly dive into the Ph.D. right after the completion of the undergraduate degree. There are many advantages of pursuing a Ph.D. rather than a master’s degree. So what are the advantages of completing the third educational cycle?

  • You will be able to have effective communication on complex concepts, the ability to adopt new things that can solve unexpected problems, time management, and multi-tasking.
  • A doctorate degree makes you an expert within your field because your work has extended your knowledge in that particular area.
  • It provides opportunities for the teaching position within academia which is usually very hard to get a hold of it.
  • You can add “Dr” before your name.



Which degree is more prominent: a master’s or a Ph.D.?

After reading the whole blog the answer should be clear that the doctorate degree is the highest degree and is more prominent than the master’s degree. Which means it has more impact than a master’s degree program.


However, the size of the impact depends on the career path you choose and the subject area. This means that the impact can only be measure through how it will improve your career development.


Students who need to select to emerge as a professor of their profession route then the Ph.D. may be their desire in preference to the master`s alone.


The main difference between the two is that the master’s program includes many lecture modules and doctoral degrees. Almost independent (Francis, 2017). A master’s degree deepens your knowledge of the subject area for the purpose of obtaining a doctoral degree. Bringing entirely new knowledge into your field.


Hence, the Ph.D. is more prominent than the master’s degree.


Final thoughts

If you are consider pursuing further studies after the undergraduate degree then the question of master’s vs Ph.D. will likely come up. However, they both are consider as a high level of education and each one of them has its advantage.


There are many reasons for doing either graduate programs or both of them. In case you have limited time constraints or quickly want to move into your career with new research then Ph.D. should be your choice. And, if you want to change your field or don’t want to go for the third cycle but want a high level of education then a master’s degree will be your choice.

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