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Why is everyone buying Quincy, Massachusetts, homes for sale? Here’s the answer

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Quincy real estate listings for sale

The first thing individuals look for when moving to a new city is livability. However, the benefits and negatives of a city will determine whether it is livable or not. So, what are the advantages of living in Quincy?

Quincy receives a 76 percent livability rating. Excellent schools, a fair economy, food variety, efficient transit, and safe districts are all factors that contribute to this ranking. It is one of the best cities in Massachusetts to live in. This article goes into great detail on what it’s like to live in this wonderful town and why you should start looking for homes listed for sale in Quincy.

Small Intro

Quincy, the state’s eighth-largest city, is a metropolis with various neighborhoods. You get into these enclaves — Merrymount, Houghs Neck — that have a tight-knit community feel to them, as well as their own personalities and characteristics. It’s worth mentioning that Quincy Center is undergoing a multi-year facelift, with new residences, offices, retail, and restaurant space on the way.

Quincy has a lot to offer. PorchFest Quincy, a series of free yearly music events, is held in the city. You get to meet all of your neighbors and listen to a variety of Quincy bands. Pageant Field, which also holds a farmers’ market, offers a food truck festival every year. And it’s no wonder that the Fourth of July is a major thing in the “City of Presidents”! So, if you love being part of a dynamic collective, make sure to look for Quincy real estate listings for sale.

The Benefits of Living in Quincy

1. Affluent and Moderately Unemployed

Quincy’s average salary is enough to persuade you to relocate there. This isn’t another low-income, high-cost-of-living Massachusetts town. Quincy’s typical household income is $77,562, which is more than the national average. As a result, you’re in luck. The unemployment rate is also not excessively high. It was 6.0 in July 2021, just a little higher than the national average. These figures indicate that Quincy’s economy is doing relatively well. Niche.com backs this up by giving the city a B- in terms of job opportunities. Quincy is also one of Massachusetts’ top ten greatest suburbs for young professionals.

2. Excellent Educational Institutions

Residents of Quincy can be proud of their educational system. From kindergarten to higher education, the city has excellent schools in every category. This is the kind of place where you want to raise your children or establish a family because there are so many educational alternatives. Whether you choose private or public schools, Quincy has something for everyone. According to AreaVibes, the city’s average test scores are 30% higher than the national average. The percentage of people with a bachelor’s degree is also greater, as is the rate of high school graduation.

Quincy College, Emerson College, Northeastern University, University of Massachusetts, and others are among the higher education institutions in and around Quincy. Harvard University is also a short drive away.

3. Food Choices

Quincy is perfect for you whether you’re a serious foodie or just like to savor your favorite cuisine every now and again. Quincy’s cuisine scene is fantastic, with dishes from all around the world to sample. In this city, there are a variety of eateries that appeal to diverse tastes. Quincy has it all, whether it’s Italian, Mexican, Chinese, or any other type of cuisine. You can also visit the international markets, which reflect the city’s diversity. There are various seafood restaurants in this area.

4. A Transport System That Is Efficient

If there were just one word to characterize Quincy’s transportation system, it would be fantastic. The city is bisected by Interstate 93. Aside from that, commuters are in luck because the city has four MBTA Redline stops, making it easy for train travelers to get around. In addition, there are numerous bus lines in the town. Quincy has a 60/100 walk score, a 49/100 transit score, and a 44/100 bike score, according to WalkScore. As a result, it’s walkable, with a variety of transportation options and a lack of bike infrastructure. The amount of individuals who use the city’s transportation system on a regular basis is a good indicator of its efficiency. For example, 28.1 percent of Quincy residents use public transportation to get to work.

So, make sure to look for homes listed for sale in Quincy.

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