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why choose vancouver for study in canada?

by cambria123

Do you intend to go to college in Canada? However, you are unsure of how to begin with the best way to study in this lovely country. Rather than consulting a Canadian expert, we will guide you through this article on where to study and how to apply as an international student. Before we continue with the article, we’d like to assure you that all of the information we’re providing is based on research, and we’ll work with you to answer any questions you have about the title.

Every year, thousands of students relocate from their home countries to study in Canada. They have questions about where to go that is safe, affordable, and easy to obtain a student visa, so we will advise you on specific areas to visit, such as which province, city, and even the best colleges in Canada to select  the best place for you to begin your international study journey. First we will start with the province to select for applying for a study visa?

Which province in Canada is easy for student visa?

Lots of students know that Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories but choosing the best one is a difficult task and we will do it for you in the recent years we have found that the best province for international students is British Columbia. We will explain you why it is becoming a favorite destination.

BC with its vibrant urban centres, lush forest coastline waters, and stunning mountains, is one of Canada’s most beautiful and exciting provinces to live and study in. It is among the top options for international students, along with Ontario along with Quebec.

British Columbia is home to more than 150000 students from around the world.

It’s a 9 percent rise in the number of international students from the starting of the 20th century. Their top-quality education system, friendly multicultural society as well as an outdoors makes BC an attractive destination to study.

The seamless system of transfer offered by BC enables students to transfer from one institution to the next without losing their credits. Post secondary institutions in BC offer many programs and the transfer system opens up new opportunities to access these programs.

I believe you discovered a specific idea about British Columbia and its speciality to consider it for international studying. Now we will move to the best city to apply for.


Which is the best city in Canada for international students?

There are number of cities in British Columbia but we are going with the one of the top city which is Vancouver.


Being one of the biggest major cities of Canada, Vancouver has so many things to provide. Vancouver boasts an educated and diverse population. It also is extremely vegan-friendly. Vancouver is a stunning area that is sandwiched between mountains and the ocean. You’ll not have to pay a premium to live there, however many people would say that it’s worth the pleasure.

After you’ve gotten a sense of the city’s beauty, consider some facts: the average tuition in Vancouver is around $6500, and the city’s youth population is around 12%. The majority of the population, more than half, is educated and has a degree; they are friendly and always willing to assist you.

Which is the best college in Vancouver of international students?


Cambria college situated in Vancouver established in 2005 is serving more than 20000 students every year it is ranked among the top colleges in BC and have the best programs to offer its all programs are approved by the Private Training Institution Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training. Cambria College also provide scholarship on all programs.


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