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Why choose sublimated jerseys for your football team?

sublimated jerseys for your football team

by JohnAddy
Why choose sublimated jerseys for your football team?

Aside from the game, what can excite the athletes the most with changing seasons? Getting a completely new Full Custom Football Uniform. Players have special and emotional affiliations with their uniforms. The uniforms are an excellent source to connect the players to the game and the team. The football players dressed in the same uniform develop a sense of equality and respect for each other. Uniforms help players forget their disputes and encourage them to rock the battleground as a team. It is why you should give great importance to your team’s uniform.

The trend changes every passing year with the introduction of new designs and fashion. It has also impacted the sports jerseys, which have changed significantly over the years. Now there are modern technologies and techniques to produce football jerseys. The latest one, known as sublimated jerseys, has a great demand nowadays. However, before moving forward, you must get familiar with the term sublimated jerseys. What are they? How are they better than the traditional jersey? Are they worth investing in? We expect all these questions from your side and will try our best to answer them.


A manufacturing process called sublimation involves the direct infusion of the entire design of the jersey into the fabric. It is unique as, by this process, everything, names, numbers, logos, and even colors eventually become part of the fabric. Creating digital designs on the graphic designing app is the first step of this process. In step two, large printers help to print the design on life-size paper. Step three involves the incorporation of the design into the fabric. They do so by pressing the printed design on the fabric under great pressure and heat. The pressure and temperature are crucial to transforming the design into gas. This gas then creates a strong bond with the molecules of the fabric. Finally, they sew the fabric panels together for the final and finished product.

Now you know all about sublimation. Let us see how a Full Custom Sublimated Football Uniform is better than conventional uniforms.

Plenty of Customization Options!

The sky is the limit for customization or designing of the sublimated jerseys. You cannot only integrate the logo, number, or name but also customize the rest of the fabric. Rather than forcing the garment to stay in single standard color, you can incorporate numerous colors into the sublimated pieces. It gives you more color options. As a result, your sublimated jersey never looks dull. On the contrary, sublimated designs add an energy element to the uniform, making them more exciting to wear. You can easily add details such as lightning bolts, stripping, and even checkerboarding on a sublimated uniform.

Sublimation of details, like stripes or pipping, on a Full Custom Sublimated Football Uniform, requires much more attention and care. Sublimated jerseys are 100% the way to go if you really want your team to stand out from the crowd.

Incredibly Durable

You can eliminate the fear of the decorations cracking, peeling, or fading. You do not have to apply a vinyl coating on the fabric’s surface to create the design. In sublimation, the design does not lie on the top of the fabric but integrates into it. So, there is no possibility of fading or cracking. In short, the details and design you choose are not present on the uniform, but they are uniform themselves. Never hesitate to run your jersey through a gauntlet. Rest assured that you will always get back a brand-new piece. On the other hand, the logos and decorations on conventional jerseys fade away in no time. A few washes and the color become dull, leaving behind a dull and useless uniform.

The Most Affordable Option

Spending additional funds over and again on uniforms is one of the most irritating things. It seems a burden to spend on the uniforms again halfway through the season. It is because the conventional jerseys are not that durable. The designs on it fade away, and the decorations crack. Many consider heat press jerseys a great option, but it is not always so great. You need to take great care of heat press jerseys. Not everyone on your team can handle the jerseys with extensive care. As a result, you will require replacing the jerseys much sooner than expected.

Moreover, if you wish, your team may use the same uniform yearly. Go for sublimated jerseys. The lifespan of sublimated jerseys is longer than that of conventional and heat press jerseys. In addition, there is nothing that will wear or tear on sublimated jerseys as there is an integration of design.

The price of all the sublimated remains the same regardless of the order size. It is because the sublimated jerseys do not require sourcing any pre-printed material. Therefore, you can get as many jerseys as you want at the same cost.

Keep the Morale High

The most effective way to boost your team’s morale is to dress them up in the best manner. Any uniform, having exceptional quality and an attractive look, acts as a morale booster. As a symbol of unity and camaraderie, a bold and stylish uniform motivates the players. It encourages them to shine brighter than their outfits and give their best performance. Dressed like winners, players consider themselves winners, play like winners, and become winners. It is a common observation that the players who look well have great confidence. As a result, they give incredible performances.

Sublimated jerseys can do all this. It can take the morale of the players to the next level. Just placing your team logo on a standard piece of clothing makes the entire outfit yours. Imagine how great your team will feel playing in a uniform that gathers everyone’s attention. A uniform that always reflects the brightest team spirit is all a team needs on its road to success.

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