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Why Build Fintech App With React Native in 2022?

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Why Build Fintech App With React Native in 2022 

Mobile devices help us to interact with multiple areas of life. The financial area is the most demanding where mobile app has its own set of importance. Mobile devices are used for bank transfers, insurance, stock market trading, managing the financial wealth. Fintech apps make life simpler by offering single platform to manage all related tasks. This means most significant features of a Fintech app are real-time processing, security, integration and velocity with other applications, and ease of use.

Features of React Native

React Native is a framework to build native apps using React. It means developer use benefits, including faster go-to-market time, backed by renowned names like Facebook, Instagram, and millions of developers, ease of use, efficient developer tools, and quick work etc. Comprising these benefits with React Native for mobile development is hard to compare with something similar on the market.

If we talk about cross-platform development, React Native has a clear edge. The alternative is building native, platform-specific applications with Objective-C/Swift for iOS. Native app development is more expensive and complex than cross-platform and becomes feasible when requiring access to the device’s features. If not, React Native mobile app development is the most reasonable strategy.

Benefits of Building a Fintech App with React Native

Big brands like Facebook, Airbnb, and Instagram have embraced React Native for their application development process. The platform remains one of the most prominent frameworks, engaging more and more businesses and developers.

1. Single Code for iOS and Android

Mobile development with React Native powers vast majority of the target audience since iOS and Android platforms. Correctly written code is easy to share from 90% to 99% between both platforms.

2. Ready-made Components

Rather than writing code from scratch, it becomes simple to speed up development time by using ready-made components that Fintech app development with React Native offers.

3. One Team — Two Platforms

Native apps require two separate development teams for both Android and iOS. As a result, two projects can become inconsistent. Meanwhile, React Native for the finance app makes it simple to manage one team for creating an app on both platforms.

4. Experienced React Native Developers

Building applications with React Native brings large pool of talents on board. The community of React Native developers is quite big already and regularly grows. You can even Hire react native developer meeting your business set of requirements.

5. Possibility of Relocation

You can easily relocate the web developers into the React Native environment if the necessity occurs. They already have expertise to build a Fintech app with the support of React Native. The reason is React Native is basically a JS with a bunch of components and API out of the box.

6. Availability of Hot Reloading

App development with React Native offers a progressive feature named Hot Reloading. It makes it easy to implement latest versions and customize the UI without leaving the running application.

7. Productivity

React Native in the financial app supports building native-live applications that perform on the same stage like native-built solutions and offer incredibly smooth animations.

Wrapping Up:

React-Native has incredible possibilities. It’s a great framework that can help brands build pretty much all the mobile applications possible, even banking apps. Yes, there will be some friction from time to time. But at the end of the day, React Native Application Development Company add value of the application to meet the challenges.

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