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Why are (concert) tickets through resellers extra expensive?

by kaiiestan

On some websites you pay a multiple of the official sales price for concert or other tickets. On the other hand, you often also order tickets for them that are already sold out – of which the ticket sale has yet to start. How is that possible, and are such practices allowed?

The immensely popular South Korean pop group meets on that day in the Feyenoord Stadium. Ticket sales have not yet started (at the time of writing this article), but tickets can already be ordered from Onlineticketshop. ‘Thousands (especially young people) can’t wait and such a ticket shop charges outrageous prices.’

‘How did they get those cards? Will it never stop with this kind of practice?” the WhatsApper asks. Towards the beginning of this message, we list a few questions and answers about ‘resellers’ of (concert) tickets.

What is a reseller?

The question of this indignant Radar Viewer is not an isolated one, as witnessed by many messages on the Radar Forum. For example, there is a topic about Onlineticketshop, but this is not the only website of its kind.

Other sites that resell event tickets. We also call such resale sites as resellers. you pay more for your ticket through such a provider than through the official provider. Incidentally, it is not only consumers who are concerned about this: artists are also not happy with it.

How does a reseller get tickets and why are they so expensive?

We call Onlineticketshop and ask how it is possible that you can already buy BTS tickets there, but the official one has yet to start.

We offer these cards based on the past. Last year BTS visited the Ziggo Dome. This year they will be in De Kuip, which is of course a lot bigger. They are now traveling in America and in Asia and there we look at the prices and what kind of tickets they are selling. Based on that, we make a price at which we think we can sell and buy tickets,” said one said. ‘We also state the original price of those tickets on the website. That is still a price, but if more becomes known about official ticket sales, we will accept it. But experience shows that we are always close with these prices.’

Is there a team ready to buy tickets and refresh the official horses page on the day ticket sales for (for example) a concert start? “By the way, yes.”

Onlineticketshop prides itself on always delivering, and processing so that you get a ticket there in advance. ‘It also happens that we sell a ticket that we have somehow not yet managed to buy ourselves. Then we look for the customer to be able to deliver, even if it costs us more than what the customer pays. So then the risk is also for us.’

Is it even allowed to ask (much) higher prices for tickets?
Many consumers wonder, just like Mr. In ‘t Veen is allowed to resell tickets for (much) higher prices. The short answer is: yes.

Saskia Bierling of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) explains: ‘The normal consumer protection rules apply here. So the seller has to be clear about his capacity, about the price, future conditions that are attached to the resale but there is no cap on the amount you can put in. That’s just up to the market. So supply and demand.’

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