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What types of cupcakes can you buy online?

by ShravaniPunawala

Cupcakes are the perfect bite-sized desserts. They are not only delicious but also quite filling. Having a few evening snacks can curb your hunger pangs. It can also satisfy your sweet tooth, preventing you from indulging in overly sweet delicacies. Earlier, you had to head to the bakery to buy cupcakes. Even then, you would have limited options available. But that is not the case today.

Through a few simple clicks, you can have any type delivered to your doorstep. Following are the most popular types of cupcakes you can order online:

  • Dark chocolate cupcake

If you like the bitter-sweet taste of dark chocolate, you must try these cupcakes. They have a distinctive flavor and hence, have a unique appeal. Their top part is usually embellished with toffee or regular whipped cream. Dark chocolate cupcakes taste best with less sugar or espresso or any hot beverage. However, you can always have them as per your taste.

  • Red velvet cupcake

They are typically made with buttermilk, cocoa powder, and vinegar blend. This combination creates a chemical reaction that gives the cupcake a deep maroon color. But some cake shops prefer to add food coloring instead of getting the red hue. Such cupcakes usually have cream cheese frostings at the top. They enhance the overall flavor considerably and leave a sour yet sweet aftertaste in your mouth.

  • Tart cupcakes

They have gained significant popularity recently. These have the baked portion of a tart with the goodness of your standard cupcake. They come in various flavours like mango, chocolate mousse, lemon, strawberry etc. But the best part about this cupcake is its appearance. It does not look like an average cupcake. Instead, it has elaborated garnishings, differently placed frostings, and a slightly distinct shape. You can easily find it in any cake shop online.

  • Vanilla & blueberry cupcake

If you have a knack for flavor combinations, go for vanilla and blueberry cupcakes. Vanilla-based cupcakes come with blueberry jam ganache. They have a unique flavor and are best suited for special occasions. However, you can have them as you like. The blueberry frosting perfectly amplifies the plain old vanilla flavor. It also adds a fruity element to the otherwise sweet cupcake.

  • Nutella cupcake

You can seldom go wrong with good old chocolate. Hence, you should consider trying Nutella cupcakes. They are made of regular cupcake batter with Nutella-flavoured ganache. Some bakery stores add pieces of Nutella chocolate on top of the frosting for extra flavor. Such cupcakes are a delight to sweet-toothed individuals. They give you an intense sugar rush. Thus, simply eating a few can make you forget your sweet cravings.

Note that these are just a few of the most popular cupcakes. You can find several others if you choose a reliable online cake store.

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