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What Is The Best Door Lock Types To Put On Home Doors

by Sheli Gibbs
Door Lock Types

To suggest that door locks are crucial is an understatement. We all understand the significance of home security, but how many of us are aware of which lock types are best for your doors? Burglaries have decreased in recent years as a result of increased homeowner/tenant awareness and action, as well as technical developments.hat are the most common types of door locks for homes?

There are numerous types of door locks that are suitable for residential doors, and which one you choose is determined by the needs of your property.

  1. Latches for mortices
  2. Locks for rack bolts
  3. Sashlocks
  4. Locks with cylinders
  5. Bolts that slide
  6. Bolts on the surface
  7. Latches at night
  8. Locking mechanisms with many points

Internal And External Doors Should Have Different Locks

Internal door locks are often designed for convenience and privacy, although they are less resistant to breakage. External locks are all about security, and they almost always require keys from at least one side to work. 

You can also contact a commercial locksmith in Schiller Park for additional information. They have been in this field for a very long time.  Following are some door lock types you can use:

Mortice Lock

Mortice latches are heavy-duty latches that can be used in commercial and residential settings. A mortice (or pocket) must be carved into the edge of the door to which they are to be affixed.

Mortice locks are made up of two parts: the lock body and the locking bolt, which is activated by a key or other mechanism. A spring latch, which is usually operated by the door handle, is usually included. Mortice locks are commonly employed in residential houses throughout Europe, and they are well-known for their strength and ease of operation.

Barrel Bolt Lock

A barrel bolt lock is a basic, easy-to-use lock that prioritizes privacy over security. Sliding bolt locks or shoot bolts are other names for barrel bolt locks.

In addition to a catch plate, they usually have a metal bolt with a knob or handle. We need to mount the catch plate on the door frame so that we can insert the bolt into the receiving catch plate on the door frame itself to lock the door.

Bathrooms and outside gates that need to be secured from only one side are appropriate for barrel bolt locks. We can easily operate these locks without the need for keys.

Rack Bolt Lock

Rack bolt locks are security bolts that are hidden inside a door. People disguise these bolts behind the door. We can open these locks with a key that extends the bolts into the door frame’s keep.

On a single door, we can install numerous rack bolts. Experts advise installing these locks in pairs, one at the top and the other at the bottom.

Cylinder Lock

Because of the pin mechanism that works the lock, we call cylinder locks as pin tumblers. A cylinder lock has many pins of varying lengths that prevent the lock from functioning without the correct key. To lock or unlock the door, the key spins the cylinder, which moves a connected cam in and out of the recess.

One of the most appealing features of a cylinder lock is that it may be replaced without affecting the bolt-work. They’re also adaptable; you can buy cylinders in a variety of formats and sizes that can all be used with the same key. 

For further help and regarding installation services, immediately contact lock installation in Elmwood park.

Sash Lock

A sash lock consists of three parts: a lock, a latch, and a handle. It is one of the most common forms of lever lock on both interior and exterior doors, and it locks your door with a deadbolt.

We can also use a key to lock sash locks but they also have a built-in latch to keep the door closed.

One of the main advantages of a sash lock is that you can open and close the door without having to worry about it being locked behind you.

Slide Bolt

For doors that require privacy, slide bolts, also known as surface bolts, are a simple and effective lock. They are available in a range of shapes and sizes. People commonly use these locks on bathroom doors since they do not require a key. Moreover, we can also open them from the inside. We can also use them to keep inactive doors in place.

Normally, people use slide bolts for privacy rather than heavy-duty security, however, heavy-duty versions are also available.

Night latch

Night latches are interior locking handles with an ergonomic design to prevent forced access.

It does not require any inside installation because it is installed on the inner side of the door.

The latch generally locks automatically and requires a key to open. However, most models have a button. We may need to press this button to hold the latch back. Thus, allowing the door to remain unlocked as needed.

Multi-Point Locking Mechanism

Multi-point locking systems are heavy-duty locks with all the features you need for a safe door. Locks, keys, handles, and keepers are among them.

With the turn of a single key, a multi-point locking system secures the door at multiple locations. Extra security comes from having more bolt points. Modern residential exterior doors, such as composite, solid core wood, or UPVC variants, frequently use these types of locks.

How Do Locks Function?

The functionality of a lock is dependent on its type. Each type works differently, but practically all conventional locks have a bolt or other adjustable fastener that, when actuated, keeps the door firmly in place.

Some locks require a key, while we can open others with the use of a manual trigger such as a knob or slider handle.


Choosing the most secure locks necessitates taking into account the sort of door you have. Experts recognize that Deadbolts, sash locks, mortice locks, and cylinder locks have the most capacity to endure a great lot of force. Because there are several bolts in play, multi-point locking systems provide excellent security.

Lightweight slide and surface bolt locks are better for doors where privacy is a top priority. Remember that choosing the most secure locks is just as vital as having a strong and sturdy door and hinges.

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