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What is Botox Surgery?

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What is Botox Surgery?

What is Botox Surgery:

What is Botox Surgery? Botox is a drug that has been used by doctors for years. It is used for treating wrinkles and facial creases. A Botox is a protein made by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Actually, Botox is a toxin Doctor used this correctly and in small doses. Furthermore, It can be used as cosmetic and medical. Occasionally, it has many benefits.

How is Botox Used:

Botox in Islamabad. It is used to reduce any wrinkles present on a human face. However, Botox shot can help treat other conditions such as:

  • Under Arm Sweating (In case it is severe)
  • Cervical Dystonia (Disorder that causes neck muscle spasms).
  • Strabismus (Those eyes that point in different directions)
  • Blepharospasm (Blinking without any reason)
  • Overactive Bladder

Botox Treatment:

Botox treatment is the least invasive procedure. It is a drug that is use to deal with muscular conditions and cosmetic issues. Botox is mostly derive from the neurotoxin that is produce by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. This material is also known as Botulinum toxin. In most cases, they are given in the form of a series of injections. However, each session only takes a few minutes.

Botox for Acne Scar Treatment:

Botox injection can also be use for Acne Scar Treatment. It reduces acne scars. Botox injection contracts the muscle of the acne scar. The Botox releases the tension. As a result, it relaxes the area of acne scars so that only limited stress remains on the scar tissue. However, Botox does not fill the acne scar completely. Moreover, a dermal filler is require for such a problem.

Botox Surgery:

What is Botox Surgery? It is the cosmetic form of botulinum toxin, they are sometimes referr to as “Botox” by most people. Botox is capable of reducing or eliminating facial fine lines and wrinkles. Frown lines, forehead creases, crow’s feet near the eyes are typically treat by Botox.

Pre-operative Preparation

Before Botox, there is a preoperative preparation. During this period patient needs to abstain from foods like cod liver oil, vitamin supplements, fatty acid foods. Moreover, these foods are essential for at least a week before the treatment day. Furthermore, the patient needs to avoid any consumption of alcohol, spicy food, high sugar foods, and Smoking.

Typically, the patient should not be afraid to ask his queries with his Doctor or Dermatologist. Best Dermatologist in Islamabad. However, you need to inform about all the medication you take on day to day basis for any medical condition. These medications may also include sleeping pills.


Risks and Complications in Botox:

In most cases, Botox does not have any side effects. In most cases, patients tolerate Botox injection quite easily. As we know Botulinum consists of toxins. On the Contrary, these toxins can cause unwanted effects.

These unwanted effects may include:

  • Dry eye due to cosmetic uses
  • Sometimes upset patient stomach
  • Causes numbness
  • It causes headache
  • Eyelid drooping may experience by the patient
  • Urinary problems may occur
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Swelling around the injected area
  • Causes weakness or paralysis

Botox treatment is not suitable for those people:

  • One who has sensitivity or allergy issue
  • May have an infection on the injection site



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