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What is a Vape Cotton? Reviewing the Cotton Bacon V2

by vaporboss

One thing that increases the performance and satisfaction you get from your vaping device is the wicking material, and the Cotton Bacon V2 is the first name on the list when people think of a wicking material for their vape. One of the reasons for that is the concentrated flavors it delivers and the large cloud it creates. But, more than that, what makes the Cotton Bacon V2 so special.

What is a Vape Cotton?

A vape cotton is untreated cotton that provides absorbent wicking for a vape coil. Before the invention of vape cotton, early vapers used the best option they could find, which was cotton balls from pharmacies. But this was not ideal because these kinds of cotton were processed with dyes and bleach.

To counter this, vapers started buying Japanese organic cotton because they were affordable and perfect for wicking. Although these kinds of cotton were made for the skincare industry, before long, it became the gold standard for vapers.

Today, there are brands everywhere that sell cotton specifically for vaping. And as more people buy vape cotton, brands are getting creative, and coming up with vape cotton like the Cotton Bacon V2 which comes in strips so that you can wick your coil perfectly, and with ease.

How to Wick a Coil?

Get the amount right – the first step is to use the right amount of cotton. There is a sweet spot when it comes to wicking your coil and the performance and cloud are perfect. If you use too much, you will get occasional burnt or dry hits and if you don’t use enough, you will get inconsistent performance and occasional hot spots. To get the right amount, the cotton strip should be around two to three times the diameter of the coil you are wicking.

Twist the end – if the cotton you have is not agleted, twist it and roll an end tightly and firmly so it can fit into the coil easily.

Pull the cotton through – after inserting the cotton into the coil via the twisted end, pull it through the other end. Ensure it is snug, but not too snug so that it doesn’t move the coil when you pull the cotton through.

Cut the ends – ensure that the cotton is centered and then cut all the ends but leave enough length to go into the atomizer deck without getting bunched up. Usually, it will take a lot of experimenting and practice to get this right because the type of atomizer you are using will determine the length of the wick.

Fluff your wick – although this is not compulsory, fluffing the wick will ensure the cotton is not bunched up so that e-juice can flow freely. A pair of tweezers or flathead screwdriver will do the job. Just fluff the wick gently, in an upward motion.

Tuck the wicks in – using a pair of tweezers or flathead screwdriver, tuck the ends of the cotton into the wicks port of your atomizer deck. Be careful not to squeeze the cotton in, otherwise, it won’t wick properly.

Picking the Right Vape Cotton – the Cotton Bacon V2

A question that comes to mind is “does it really matter the cotton I pick”?. Well, it is just cotton and it shouldn’t be that serious. Well, the truth is that it does matter since not all kinds of cotton are created the same. If the device you are using is a low-wattage MTL device, any cotton pad will do the job for you. however, if you are using coils with low resistance, then using a heat-resistant wick like the Cotton Bacon V2 will be most beneficial to you.

Lastly, there is the question of flavor intensity. Since everyone has different taste requirements, so may prefer one cotton brand to others, however, the best vape cotton for increased flavor delivery and improved cloud production is the Cotton Bacon V2

The Cotton Bacon V2 is the first wick designed by vapers for vapers. 

About the Cotton Bacon V2

The Cotton Bacon V2 is a medical-grade cotton that is more absorbent than cosmetic-grade kinds of cotton. And because it is 100% medical grade cotton, it is pure and able to absorb heavy liquids, meaning that it provides fast wicking. If you use an e-liquid with high VG, then the Cotton Bacon V2 won’t let you down.

Furthermore, the Cotton Bacon V2 is pure, has no trace chemical trace and it contains no chemicals or natural oils. This means that you don’t have to boil it before using it. Again, the Cotton Bacon V2 is so easy to wick. You don’t need a pair of tweezers, scissors, or even screwdrivers. The Cotton Bacon V2 is so easy to manipulate with your hand.

The Cotton Bacon V2 comes in 10 pieces which can wick up to 80 builds, meaning that you are in for an uninterrupted time. Also, the high point of the Cotton Bacon V2 is the fact that there is no bedding time. Unlike other kinds of cotton that need time before the flavor starts hitting, the Cotton Bacon gives off the right flavor performance from the first draw.

Features of the Cotton Bacon V2

  • 100% organic medical grade material
  • Clean and pure, containing no pesticides, chemicals, or natural oil
  • Comes ready to use. No need to boil to remove any impurities
  • Contains 10 strips that can wick up to 80 builds to last you forever
  • Powerful hits from the first draw. No need to bed
  • Clean and smooth airflow
  • The cotton is highly absorbent giving you increased flavor delivery
  • Supports RTA and RDA 
  • Ideal for both MTL and DTL
  • Great for sub-ohm vaping.


The Cotton Bacon V2 by Wick n Vape is suitable for RTA and RDA, which makes it ideal if you like creating your own clouds. It doesn’t matter your vaping style, whether you are into MTL or DTL vaping, the Cotton Bacon V2 supports your vaping desires and lets you live your vaping dream. the capacity of the Cotton Bacon V2 to absorb e-liquid is beyond anything you have ever seen.

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