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What is a sanitizer and how to use it?

What is a sanitizer

by zoyakhan

What is a sanitizer? Hello friends, today we are going to give you information about sanitizer. If you do not know what is sanitizer, what is the meaning of sanitizer, what are the benefits of sanitizer, and how to use sanitizer, then today’s article will be very helpful for you. Because today here you will know about all these topics.

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What is a sanitizer and how to use it?

Ever since the havoc of Coronavirus has wreaked havoc in the world, one-word sanitizer and the other word quarantine is very much discussed. The government and people of almost all countries of the world tell each other ways to avoid coronavirus and two of these measures are very popular. One solution is that you do not leave the house and the other solution is that you clean your hands thoroughly with the help of hand sanitizer.

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Most of us clean our hands with soap and have been cleaning our hands, but ever since the corona has come, people are advised to wash hands with sanitizer instead of soap. Because A is more effective than soap and protects you from viruses.

Many people have already been using sanitizer but not many people used to use it. But as of now, if we talk about it, almost everyone has started using sanitizer and they clean their hands daily with the help of hand sanitizer.

In such a situation, the question arises that what is a sanitizer, and what is a sanitizer?. So let us tell you about what is the meaning of sanitizer.

What is a Sanitizer?

Sanitizer is derived from the word sanitize and it means clean. So if we take the meaning of sanitizer, then sanitizer is such a liquid with the help of which you clean your hands.

Sanitizer is an English language word and if you search Sanitizer meaning in a dictionary or on Google, then you will see that it means sanitizer. Let me ask you the question, did you understand anything about sanitizer? No no. It seems more difficult to understand than the sanitizer. That is why we have tried to explain in easy language, what is sanitizer?.

So now you must have come to know what is a sanitizer. So let us now tell you how to use the sanitizer.

How to Use Sanitizer?

We use hand sanitizer to clean our hands. For this, you have to take a small amount of hand sanitizer in your hands and then rub it in both hands and rub both your hands until your hands are dry.

If your hands are already dirty, that means there is any color or stain on your hands, then first of all you clean your hands with soap and then use sanitizer.

To wash hands with the help of hand sanitizer, you have to rub your hands for at least 30 to 60 seconds. This will happen that the germs that are in your hand will die in such a time.

So in this way you can use sanitizer.

Both sanitizer and soap work to kill germs. But if you use sanitizer then it will be better. Sanitizer proves to be effective as compared to soap. And it completely sanitizes your hands. And we are advised to wash our hands with sanitizer only.

Let us tell you that before the coronavirus, very few people used sanitizer and it was not sold much, but after the coronavirus, it is as if there has been a flood in the use of sanitizer. Today, there is a sanitizer in every house and people clean their hands every day with the help of sanitizer.

How Many Times a Day Should you Wash your Hands with Sanitizer?

If you clean your hands with the help of sanitizer 4 to 5 times a day, then it will be good it has been seen and research has also been done that if sanitizer is used instead of soap, then the spread of infection can be avoided. could.

So friends, here we have given you some information about sanitizer, about which you should know. Friends, we urge you to clean your hands every day with the help of sanitizer. And if there is no sanitizer, then wash your hands with soap.

WHO has also advised washing your hands with sanitizer. Make sure to clean your hands.


In this article, we learned what is sanitizer, how to use sanitizer, and how many times a day one should wash hands with sanitizer.

You must share this article with your friends and if you have any questions in your mind then you can tell us by commenting below. Thank you.

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