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What does the upcoming season hold for the Milwaukee Bucks?

by sophiajames

The world is already well aware of how capable the Milwaukee Bucks roster is keeping in mind their glorious victory two years back. They were expected to strike again but, talking about the past two seasons, the team has definitely seen better days. Even the return of Giannis Antetokounmpo after his back injury could not help the team and they ended up losing brutally against the Miami Heat. The absence of Khris Middleton was not good news either. As expensive and skilled the roster was, they were just not as put together as they should have been. Not making it past the playoffs in either season, the Bucks need something groundbreaking to regain their position as the favorites.

This offseason, after the departure of Mike Budenholzer, it has been decided after quite an impressive interview that Adrian Griffin will be the new head coach. The other two things that require immediate attention are the cases of Middleton and Brook Lopez. It is a top priority to bring both of them back since it is not so easy a job to replace them. The issue here is that if they manage to make this happen they will have just eight players under contract being a little above the luxury tax line. Signing players with minimum contracts to complete the roster will only make things more difficult.

This issue can, however, be avoided in a few ways. They might have to look into trading a mid-sized option like Grayson Allen who, with an expiring contract, may be on the move. They can also see if Middleton is willing to sign a long term contract with lower starting value. As beneficial as this may be long term, the Bucks can easily continue with their initial plans provided they pay the cost which is likely as the team does not seem to have any intention of losing their most expensive players including Middleton and Giannis. It may be a good step considering the great contributions they have towards the team’s previous victories. This may push the ownership deep into tax but fans are eager to see where they decide to draw the line.

With the upcoming season fast approaching, fans all over the world are eager to see how the Bucks plan to defend their hard-earned title and regain their prestigious positions as one of the league’s elite teams. The great roster is expected to be handy in improving their overall performance and further maintaining their chemistry. The challenges they may have to face after their previous defeats will not be easy at all but they seem quite prepared. They need a majestic breakthrough to emerge victorious once again and they certainly have the commitment and strategy to do so. They previously made quite a prominent name in the basketball world and they will do anything to defend it. No matter what happens, everyone is excited to see what the upcoming season holds for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Odds to Win the Championship

Odds from sportsbooks show that the Bucks have a very good chance to regain their #1 spot in the NBA. Basketball betting is much like football betting in that there is only one champion at the end of the season and odds are set from the start.
The Bucks are +800 (8/1) to take the trophy home in 2023-24. This put them in the top 15% of teams favored to win it all.

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