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What Do You Mean By Computed Tomography Angiography Or CTA?

CT Coronary Angiography Test

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CT Angiography Test

The human heart is one of the most delicate organs, showing several abnormalities for various reasons with growing age. Therefore a variety of treatment options can help us have a long and disease-free life. But before treating a particular disease or fatal condition like heart failure, it is essential to diagnose the correct condition so that a patient can get proper help at the right time. Among various medical test procedures, CT angiography test is one of the most popular and advanced methods that has been practiced widely all over India. CT angiography test in Delhi is one of the popular methods which detect coronary blockage. It is a deadly condition that can even cause the failure of the heart.

CT Angiography test is an imaging process that uses powerful X-rays to get a detailed image of the internal chambers of the heart and blood vessels. It gets a precise image of the blood vessel that flows blood to the heart.


How Is It Different From Standard Coronary Angiograms?

CT coronary angiography test is used to detect blocked batteries and narrowed arteries. The test also detects fatal heart conditions and coronary artery disease. But it is quite different from a Standard angiogram as the traditional procedure uses a catheter guided through the arm or groin to the heart. It is a non-CT angiogram, meaning it doesn’t involve an X-ray. In the case of the known disease, this can also be an exclusive treatment.

Therefore, whenever your doctor recommends a CT angiography, please search for a clinic with this exclusive facility other than a standard angiogram. For any confusion, type CT angiography near me on google, and you will get the best results near your place. Select one clinic after speaking with their staff in detail as it is a necessary test.

You can also consider Star Imaging & Path Lab for your CT angiography test. They are the most advanced clinic providing all advanced test facilities and modern amenities. Besides that, they have a spacious facility and skilled staff who will guide you in every step to get a comfortable service. The CT coronary angiogram cost in Delhi is quite high. Still, at Star Imaging & Path Lab, you will get exclusive discounts on combined test procedures, and the individual rate on every procedure is quite competitive. So, speaking with them in detail is advisable before booking a medical test.

The procedure of CT angiography?

Any medical process has three steps: preparation, process and after. Check the details of Computed tomography angiography in detail.

The preparation

The technician of your clinic will provide a detailed guideline of the test before and a set of rules for preparations. Sometimes the doctor will go for a CT scan or MRI before the test to understand the heart issues in detail. We have jotted some general guidelines down below.

  • The doctor will advise you not to eat and drink anything before the test for at least eight hours. Do not drink liquid with caffeine or any caffeine-related products at least 12 hours before the test as it will affect the imaging procedure giving rise to a blurring effect.
  • It is better to come with someone rather than alone as some patients may feel nauseous or exhausted after the CT coronary angiography procedure. Sometimes the drowsy effect can stay up 24 hours after the completion of the procedure.
  • In some special cases, a patient will need to get admitted to the hospital to undergo the process. The examiner will discharge him within the same day or the next day after the procedure.
  • It is advisable to let your healthcare practitioner know about the medicines that you intake daily. It will help them to evaluate your condition better and can even ask you to discontinue some special medicine.
  • Once you are in the clinic or hospital, you must sign a consent form.
  • Then it would be best if you changed into the hospital gown to undergo the procedure and had to remove any accessories, pieces of jewelry, glasses etc till above the waist.
  • The staff will check some of your vitals, like blood pressure or blood sugar, in case you have diabetes. Sometimes the doctor may ask you to undergo an electrocardiogram test. You may even require a certain blood test. Your health care provider will inform you about the required test once they assess your case.
  • Sometimes the examiner may inject certain medicine to slow the heart rate. This is called a beta blocker. This process will yield better imaging, and a more precise image. If you have any previous allergic reaction to this medicine or any other medicine, please inform the clinic to avoid any undesirable effects.
  • At last, your doctor will inject a mild sedative to help you make comfortable, although you will remain awake throughout the procedure.

The process

  • CT angiography test is a bit complex; the technician will first use an anaesthetic on your groin or arm to numb the section.
  • Then, the examiner will inject a dye or contrast agent through your arms by using an IV. The function of the dye is to help the technician to locate your blood vessels more clearly. Once the dye is injected, you may feel a burning sensation.
  • The examiner may attach the electrodes to your chest to monitor heart rate
  • Then he will slowly insert a sheath within the artery. You may feel a bit of pressure, but that is bearable
  • Then the examiner will slowly guide up a tube known as a catheter up to the artery in your heart 
  • While the scanning procedure starts, you will need to stay calm and still to retrieve a better image.
  • An intercom present in your room will enable you and your technician to communicate with each other from a separate room.
  • After Process
  • After your CT coronary angiogram, you are free to go back to your normal life. You may feel a bit dizzy due to the application of a sedative, so it is better not to drive back home alone. Drink lots of water to flush off the contrasting agent from your system


CT Coronary Angiogram- Does It Involves Any Risk?

Risks can include:
  • bleeding 
  • Clotting of blood
  • Bruising
  • Risk of Minor injury to the artery 
  • a very small risk of getting a stroke
  • Lowering of blood pressure


The CT angiography heart cost in India is between 8500 to 12000. The best thing is to find a reputed diagnostic center and register there for the test. At Star Imaging & Path Lab, you will get the most competitive price and a stunning facility.


CTA is a very important test. You should not delay it, if your doctor recommends it to you. Although CT coronary angiography price is quite high, it yields the most accurate result to identify coronary blockage. For more details on the tests, procedure and cost, you can get in touch with Star Imaging and Path Labs Pvt Ltd.


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