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What causes hair thinning, and how can you stop the thinning of your hair?

by Sureshkumar
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With the enhancing age, hair may lose its volume and thickness as they develop. Poor diet habits, hereditary reasons, and vitamin shortages may be responsible for these problems. Frequent thinning of hair may result from any health issue or pre-medical diseases. On the contrary, it may be the result of your rising age. Either way, it will affect your self-esteem and mental health if you do not seek hair treatment at the correct time. In addition to this, these days, people have a plethora of choices to say goodbye to their rapid hair fall. One of them is a Hair Transplant in Ludhiana. They are famous for their outstanding results.

What factors cause the problem of thinning hair?

There are the following factors that extract unwanted hair loss. These are:

  • Poor diet habits: Hair needs a massive amount of proteins and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) to grow healthy and form new hair follicles. Nutritional deficiency and malnutrition can also extract hair fall and thinning.

  • Alopecia areata: It represents the circular area of baldness on your scalp. It can fall on your hair from your head, beard, mustaches, eyebrows, and other body parts in a circle form. Environment changes and genetic alterations in the body are responsible for hair loss. Fortunately, it does not destroy the hair follicles; thus, it can reproduce hair with some form of treatment.

  • Stress: Stress affects your hair and has a destructive impact on your overall health. It makes your hair thinner as time goes by. This process is medically famous as Telogen effluvium. It will weaken your hair follicles, and your hair will start breaking and falling.

  • Female or Male pattern hair loss: Both males and females can face an androgenetic alopecia baldness pattern caused by different genes and hormones in the human body. This baldness pattern increases with the growing age. It can afflict youngsters, adults, and women who reach their menopause phase.

  • Pregnancy: Women can face the problem of sudden and persistent hair loss or thinness during and after their pregnancy. It may occur under the influence of medications they consume in their pregnant condition.

  • Starvation of vitamin D: Vitamin D is believed to be the best vitamin for hair growth that stimulates the hair follicles to generate new hairs. People ought to spend 10 to 20 minutes daily in the sunlight or consume a diet that has more value in vitamin D.

What are the possible treatment options for hair loss?

  • Finasteride: It is an oral medicine to stop hair fall. It is available in the form of a tablet. It is powerful and effective medicine. Masses who do not prevent hair loss with Minoxidil will consume Finasteride.

  • Minoxidil (Rogaine): It is a liquid form of substance that you buy from the market in the condition of liquid, foam, and shampoo. Both men and women can use Minoxidil. It works very efficiently to cure the androgenetic alopecia pattern of hair loss.

  • Hair transplant surgery: When all oral methods fail against hair loss, people tend toward hair restoration surgeries. It uses different techniques to grow hair on hairless skin of the head, such as Fut and Fue, etc.

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