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What are the features of Patient Engagement Software that you must have?

by evincedev

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Features are critical when designing custom software, and patient engagement software development is no exception. By selecting the suitable features, you may improve the competitiveness of your software while also saving money.

So, here are a few elements you should incorporate in your patient engagement software development.

      1. Online and in-office use of electronic patient intake forms

The ability for patients to complete the registration procedure on their own is the most requested feature by practitioners in a modern patient portal. New patients can register using a computer or other connected device from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to a user-friendly patient portal. The traditional in-office registration approach of using paper and a clipboard is also eliminated with this technology. Patients can complete their registration requirements as soon as their appointment arrives on a tablet or computer. It frees up administrative staff to focus on more pressing issues.

        2. Submission of a medical history via the Patient Engagement Platform

When patients visit the doctor, they are frequently asked to fill out a health history form. It’s usually just a piece of paper on a clipboard. Tablet computers may have replaced desktop computers in modern offices. There’s no reason why a patient shouldn’t enter their medical history online before going to the doctor just to get it into the computer system. It might allow the patient to spend more time with their doctor and less time waiting.

         3. Payment of bills

These days, a lot of people use their phones to make mobile payments. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 28% of all smartphone users made a mobile payment in the previous year. When personal computers are included, the percentage of households using online bill payments jumps to over 82 percent. The addition of this option to a patient portal could increase the frequency with which bills are paid.

           4. Appointment reminders using the Patient Engagement Platform

Before the patient even leaves the house, you should start engaging them. It’s crucial since missed appointments are costly. Missed appointments cost the US healthcare system more than $150 billion per year, according to Healthcare Finance News. Reminders sent through phone, text, or email could assist recuperate some of the lost revenue while also encouraging the treatment of diseases that can be avoided.

           5. Lab results that are generated automatically

Patients who are awaiting lab results should not be compelled to wait for a call on their phones. After all, lab findings are a form of notification, similar to the ones that mobile apps send out. When a user has an unread message, they receive an inconspicuous notification, and a patient portal can do the same. When the lab results are ready, they should be posted on the internet.

           6.  Scheduling appointments

People are rapidly abandoning landlines in favour of cellphones. Despite this, fewer people make calls on their phones. Phone calls bother 80 percent of millennials, who prefer to send an instant message instead. To keep up with the times, doctors’ offices must evolve. While doctors are unlikely to abandon their landlines anytime soon, they should make online appointment scheduling available to their patients.

           7.  Message encryption

It can be difficult to reach out to people who have questions after a recent visit to the doctor. Many patients will quit up after going through a phone tree and waiting on hold for an extended period of time. Secure communicating through a patient portal is beneficial to everyone. If there is no urgency, patients can submit queries, and doctors can wait until they have a chance to sit down and draught an answer.

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