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Web Design and SEO: How to Boost Rankings With a Great Design?

by DMP
Web Design and SEO

The business industry is currently embracing the digital world as they start to leave traditional operating ways. With the rampant use of the internet and smartphones, most people no longer sought to shop or pay physically but would rather choose the convenience of online transactions. Furthermore, the effects of COVID-19 remain, and the majority are still locked in limited-scale operations. These considerations have left companies with no other choice but to adapt and digitize their operations.

Building a presence online may sound like an easy task to do, but in reality, it can be a tedious and challenging job. With the number of competitors constantly increasing, establishing your online presence will not be easy. But with an efficient web design combined with the proper utilization and execution of search engine optimization or SEO, you can solidify your brand’s online rank.

Web design and SEO should always go hand in hand. To make your online presence stronger, you must first ensure that your website is user-friendly. By providing this, customers can easily navigate through your website. Moreover, an optimized website can help search engines crawl and index your website easily, which can return your site among the most relevant search results.

The world of SEO is not something anyone could expertly navigate. This is why many digital marketing companies offer SEO services. Hiring an SEO company specializing in this field can tremendously bring your brand to the top rankings of various search engines. 

A reliable SEO company knows that they must start with the basics to build an effective SEO campaign. Before creating content, you need to concentrate on these two key foundational items–domains and hosting and Content Management Systems (CMs) or eCommerce.

A domain refers to the identification string that could define your brand. It gives your business authority or control within cyberspace. So when you are considering domains, you must focus on the domains that will truly help build the identity of your brand. Moreover, domains must relate to how you want your brand to be perceived by the general public. In a much simpler term, domains should leave a mark on people that will help them remember your brand. 

In connection, hosting describes the internet service that will manage your domain name. This will help you connect your domain name with email, websites, and other web services. In finding a domain host, you must remember to find something you can fully commit to. Because while you can change your host, it will be easier and more beneficial to stay put. 

Once you have established your domain and host, you can now look for CMs and an eCommerce platform. There are multiple sites you can use, but choosing the right one will significantly impact the success of your SEO campaign. But before selecting a CMs or eCommerce platform, you have to know your needs as a business. By identifying these, it will be easier to look for a platform that offers features that will cater to your needs. 

Besides these two essential foundations, boosting your ranking online is also composed of more technical stuff, such as link building, navigation, site speed, keyword research, metadata, and the likes. And if you want to know more about these, you may continue reading through this infographic created by DMA. 

Web Design and SEO

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