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Watch T20 Test Cricket ODI Cricket Highlights

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Watch T20 Test Cricket ODI Cricket Highlights

Watch T20 Test Cricket ODI Cricket Highlights

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Describe cricket

The British are responsible for the introduction of cricket, now referred to as the unofficial national sport of India.
There are two teams in the game, each with 11 players. Tosses are typically used between the two teams to choose who gets to bat or bowl first.
Cricket is primarily played outside. Cricket can be played anywhere there is a horizontal stretch of land, though it is best to have a decent pitch with all the necessary equipment. For instance, gully cricket is quite common in India and can be seen on many Indian streets.

cricket’s etiquette

The game’s rules can be quickly and easily understood by firsthand observation of a cricket match.

The team that bats first seeks to score as many runs as it can while preventing the opposition from catching up. While the bowler attempts to strike the wicket stump to get the batsman out, the bowling team attempts to prevent the batter from scoring by using its fielders.

What Cricket Offers

We all agree that cricket is a fantastic team activity that provides hours of entertainment and fosters social skills, but less well recognised are its health advantages. The game does serve some very important purposes, such as improving stamina and endurance due to the frequent running across the field, which is a type of cardio.

Other advantages include the improvement of balance, flexibility, muscle tone, and hand-eye coordination.

Starting Equipment

It’s incredibly easy. A cricket ball and bat are all that are needed to start the lovely game.
Cricket bats are flat pieces of wood that are attached to a conical handle. It is one of the essentials for playing cricket. Cricket is difficult to play without it.
Cricket is played with a cork ball that has been wrapped with leather. It is the component in the game that controls it. Cricket cannot be played without a ball.
The next step is to gather your gear and head to the field now that. You have a better understanding of the game’s purpose. There is no better way to comprehend a game than to play it yourself.

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