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Typical HVAC Services Offered by a HVAC Company


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HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) companies offer a wide range of services to homeowners and business owners. These services not only improve the device’s functionality but may also lower utility expenditures. The following paragraphs detail some of the most common HVAC services an HVAC Chapel Hill NC company provides.

Cleaning and maintaining a furnace

Cleaning and servicing your furnace regularly may help minimize potential heating problems during the cold season. Furthermore, the air filters of a furnace must always be clean so that dirt and dust do not become stuck in the filters, obstructing airflow. When the airflow is impeded, the furnace works harder, reducing efficiency and output while increasing utility expenditures. A professional and certified HVAC contractor can examine your furnace’s AFUE (annual fuel engine efficiency) and advise you on managing your heating system and minimizing your heating expenditures.

Cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners

A coil leak could cause an air conditioner that does not cool well but still runs. HVAC technicians can detect such leaks and replenish the system by cycling it frequently to avoid increasing utility expenses. It is critical to replace a cooling system that is not working correctly. The professional recommends a new cooling system with a high SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating, keeping the environment at a reasonable temperature while lowering your utility expenses.

Setting up a programmed thermostat.

Turning off the heating and cooling units while you are away might save you a lot of money on utility bills. A programmable thermostat comes in handy in this situation. HVAC contractors can install these devices so you can program your HVAC system to turn off the cooling or heat when you leave the house or workplace and then turn it back on when you return. As a result, the home or building will remain at a comfortable temperature when you are present while saving a significant amount of money when you are elsewhere.

Examine the energy use in your home or business.

Energy audits can assist in determining whether or not the equipment is operating efficiently and cost-effectively. Professional HVAC providers, for example, can assess heat gain and loss, adequate ventilation, and energy efficiency to decide whether the equipment can successfully cool and heat your home or building.

Upgrading old equipment

When it comes to replacing a non-functioning or obsolete HVAC system, the pros can help you choose the best equipment for your home or workplace. To save money on your utility expenses, choose high-efficiency appliances.

Finally, there are numerous advantages to engaging the services and guidance of HVAC contractors. These professionals are qualified to examine your home’s or building’s demands to recommend the most energy-efficient and cost-effective equipment. Furthermore, frequent maintenance of your HVAC systems by competent personnel will extend the life of the equipment.


Is air conditioning included in HVAC?

In addition to your air conditioner and furnace, HVAC comprises combined systems such as heat pumps and indoor air quality equipment such as air purifiers. It also includes the control systems and smart thermostats that make everything work.

What is the primary function of HVAC?

A Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) system’s primary functions are maintaining acceptable indoor air quality through appropriate ventilation with filtration and providing thermal comfort.

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