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Types of Kundan Jewellery

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Types of Kundan Jewellery

Types of Kundan Jewellery That Are Must for a Would-Be-Bride

Kundan Jewellery is accredited as the classic traditional Indian jewelry having gem sets with gold foil in between the stones. It is also known to be one of the oldest forms of jewelry worn by most women on special events or occasions. It is one of the most impressive choices for would-be brides who glam up their bridal look with a stunning set of Kundan Jewellery. This is because of its gorgeous and glamorous look. Kundan is one of the most vibrant styles of Jewellery, which offers an exquisite look and acquires the attraction of everyone as well.

If you are looking for the best type of jewelry to wear on your special day, then Kundan Jewellery would be the ultimate choice for you. Leave everyone stunned by your attractive look with a beautiful Kundan jewelry design. This type of Jewellery will give a beautiful appearance and attract a lot of attention, especially for brides-to-be. Here are some of the most elegant types of Kundan Jewellery, that is a must-buy for wedding ceremonies.

Types of Kundan Jewellery

Types of Kundan Jewellery

Long Kundan Necklace for Dulhan –

One of the most beautiful pieces of the Kundan Jewellery set is the long necklace. This Jewellery piece has the utmost clarity and shines as well as its brightness is enough to impress anyone who loves wearing different types of jewelry for multiple occasions. Even though many people cannot afford such types of necklaces, try to maintain at least one piece as part of your personality and it would also be a substantial investment to make.

Flamboyant Kundan Choker –

Brides and choose from a variety of sleek and sophisticated Kundan chokers, which are a bit similar to necklaces. These can help to enhance the bride’s appearance on their D-Day. The Kundan Jewelry pendants are also available in a variety of designer cuts and shapes making would-be brides choose the best type of choker that is right for them according to their wedding dress.

Elegant Kundan Earrings –

Women have a specific attraction and affinity for many different types of earrings, as we all know. As a result, people try to make an effort to purchase a variety of earrings from different collections. Among all, Kundan earrings are a more appealing piece of jewelry for brides. Even brides also try new designs with their earring collection, so they usually opt for unique patterns and styles for their wedding day. Earrings can be used to show off a different variety of looks. Such earrings can give you an attractive as well as fascinating look.

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Stylish Mathapatti & Maangtikka –

Maangtikka or Mathapatti is one of the favorite hair accessories for complementing your bridal look, especially when they are encrusted with gorgeous Kundan stones. Take a cue from these genuine brides who donned maangtikka on their wedding day, along with tiny pearls or ghungroos.

Elaborative Kundan Chura –

Kundan Chura is another piece of Jewellery from the kundan bridal collection that most the brides to be adored. Bridal churas are the most important part of any bridal look. Kundan chura with elaborately detailing and design will look truly aesthetic and impressive. These are the best pieces of Jewellery sets for complementing the overall look with their touch of brightness.

Stylish Kundan Nath –

Overall Dulhan or bridal look is complete without the touch of a stylish Kundan nath. Nath is that piece of Jewellery piece that adorns the bride’s face with its unique look. Nath or nathni or a nose ring, this type of jewelry piece spells a simplistic elegance like no other. This is one of the favorite jewelry pieces for minimalist brides.

Impressive Kalire –

Kalire for brides comes in a wide range of designs, shapes, and more. There is a certain brand in the market that offers customized kalire for your specification including how religious or traditional you want it to be. Kundan Kalire is the symbolic ornament of jewelry worn by a bride on her WED-Day. Traditionally it is in a bell shape at the top representing a coconut.

Beautiful Kundan Hathphool –

Brides on their D-Day wear Kundan Hathphool on their wrists to flaunt their ethnic attire. With this hathphool, you can bring your style to a whole new traditional look. A kundan hathphool is a perfect hand accessory that will add a layer to your entire look. It would be loved by anyone who loves to be a little extra when it comes to accessorizing their bridal look.

So, these all are the elegant types of Kundan jewelry for the bride-to-be that embellishes their overall look on their special days. Buy Kundan Jewellery Collection to make your bridal look completely traditional and aesthetic.

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