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Types of Damascus Folding knives

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Damascus Folding Knives

The choice of the folding knife should be approached as carefully and cautiously as possible. Carefully selected knives are essential tools for removing monsters, chopping and peeling wood, and cooking dinner on fire.

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How to choose the size of a folding knife.

folding knives are versatile and special. The design of the utility knife is simple and reliable. It consists of a sleek blade that has a stop with a strong handle. Such blades are effective in lifting animals and can safely pierce and cut. Utility knives have a special blade shape. Complete with high functionality and suitable for self and high-quality meat peeling.

It depends on the terms of use and the scope of work. folding knives are manufactured in the following sizes:

classic folding knife

The classic folding knife product weighs no more than 120-180 grams. With a length of 100-130 mm, the universal blade is perfect for large and delicate tasks such as pickling or butchering.

Large folding knives

Large folding knives weigh 180-300 grams and are complete with a modern stop and strong handle. 130-180 mm long independent blades are suitable for rough work. But it’s against a smooth cut.

Dagger folding.

Dagger folding A special blade with two safe medium or large blades (150-200 mm) designed to kill large animals. Often there is a severe puncture wound.

When choosing a folding knife, it is important to consider the shape of the blade tip. This will facilitate cutting, drilling, cutting accuracy. And the cut quality of each part of the wall

Types of Damascus Folding knives

For folding, knives with the following types of tips are used:

Flatback (Finland) – Multi-functional knife

Flatback (Finland) – Multi-functional knife with a bar that allows you to pierce and cut almost anything.

The drop point

The drop point has a flat slope on the hip and is shaped like a sharp edge of a sheet. Low-end blades provide excellent drilling and light and accurate cuts.

Clip Point

Clip Point (Bowie, Pike) – Below is a slope.


Above the endpoint, this allows the blade to improve the cut and facilitate skin exfoliation.

Special knives are also used for peels and meat. It has a well-crafted tip and a small blade with a wide base and curved edges.

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