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Treatment for Impotence and the popular Synthetic Drug

by Diystriharris
Treatment for Impotence and the popular Synthetic Drug

Treatment for Impotence and the popular Synthetic Drug

Of all sexual issues of all kinds, impotence is the one men are scare of. This is because men attach much more importance to sexual intimacy than women and virtually nobody can think of having a long-lasting and healthy relationship without a good sexual intimacy. Even though the general consensus is that impotence only affects older men, it’s not the case in all cases that even males under forty,

who live normal and healthy lives, are susceptible to being affecte too. The reasons differ in each case however, they are usually classifie into two categories:

psychological and physical (emotional) and emotional causes. While the former should be investigate by a physician and

the latter may result in intermittent erectile dysfunction that may disappear by itself as time goes by.

If you’re experiencing issues with erectile dysfunction, don’t believe that this is impotence. The temporary inability to get an erection could result from an absence of experience or stress as well as previous experiences

that were not pleasant however if the issues persist for longer than a few months, then it’s recommend to seek medical guidance. If you’ve experienced impotence, and have been identifie as the cause then you’ll have quite many treatments to pick from.

Naturally, they can include treatments, medications like penis injections, penis pumps or even surgical procedures. Certain of these options are outdate, whereas others are still in use and extremely effective. while each treatment comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, synthetic medications are the preferre option for most physicians and patients.


First oral ED medication to be authorize by the United States was sildenafil citrate that was develope in 1998, and launche with the name Viagra by the giant pharmaceutical company Phizer. The introduction was made in 1998 and, today, more than 300 million pills are being sold every year. The huge popularity of the Cenforce 100 drug was achieve from years of research as well as millions on marketing, however the massive sales numbers inspired other companies to create similar synthetic products as well.

Although there are two additional ED synthetic medications

that are available Viagra remains the only one that holds 50 percent share of market.

The 100mg sildenafil citrate tablets are the most powerful dosage available,

however small tablets with 25mg or 50mg are also available. Viagra can be take orally.

medicine that is best take with at least a glass of fluid and

not more than one pill can be consume in a 24-hour perio.

How is sildenafil citrate safe?

It is important to note that sildenafil citrate can be purchase in different forms,

such as Viagra or called generic Viagra generic Viagra – generic pills contain exactly the same ingredients as the brand name pill,

but are made by different companies from Phizer. So long as the drug is formulated with the identical key ingredient that is active, sildenafil, it will perform like the brand-name Kamagra Gold 100 drug and have the same effectiveness.

It is the only distinction is because of the lower cost of labor as well as

the lesser costs for initial expenses, generic medicines are much less expensive. Clinical studies have proved that sildenafil citrate’s effects are extremely safe . In fact, patients who were receiving placebo had the same numerous complaints as those who were taking sildenafil citrate. Even while the test results were highly promising, potential side effects should not be overlook – in very the rare case,

they may create problems, so if discomfort occurs while taking the medication, a prompt appointment with the doctor is require.

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