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Top Mobile Game Development Programming Languages

by Amantech

Programmers have a keen insight, a creative spirit, and a working PC, but they can’t create digital things without specific essential tools that are programming languages. A programming language is critical because it commands you to perform particular tasks repeatedly. Programmers use a particular language for a specific purpose. For example, cooks need specific kitchen utensils, and workers need specific knives to perform specific tasks.

Especially after the pandemic, mobile game players have increased significantly. It is essential to understand that people are always looking for entertainment to refresh their minds after a busy day, and during the pandemic, the world was dealing with the uncertain death of a loved one, so they couldn’t. They had to distract them so that they could be depressed. In the first two months of Covid 19, mobile game downloads in China increased by 284.3 million. Mobile games can be played for fun as well as for educational purposes too. Children can utilize games to improve their cognitive skills.

Whenever you think of making a mobile game, the foremost thing is to select a programming language that is compatible with both Android and iOS. In addition, choosing the best game development company plays a significant role in effectively achieving the results you want.


Game development is the job of a very experienced and skilled developer. It devours a fair amount of money. It’s also a very original job that requires special skills. Therefore, you need a programming language with explicit requirements to use them. iOS and Android are arguably the essential programs for mobile devices. That way, few focus on building applications in a particular language compatible with both.


  • Fast
  • Kotlin
  • Objective-C
  • Java



Swift is Apple’s latest product in the technology industry, launched in 2014. It is primarily used for programming Apple gadgets. B.iOS7 etc. It’s now ubiquitous, efficiently beyond the shadows of Objective C.



This claim is definitely valid. Many programmers believe that Kotlin will be another global alternative to Java. Introduced by a Czech development company and released in 2011. Kotlin seems to support Java. As a result, Java clients and designers can easily switch to Java. This has many advantages, as it allows you to list distinctive and compact code, which reduces bugs—security help for game program selection and disabled pointers. In 2019, Kotlin became the decision-making language for most Android developers and continued to evolve rapidly to this day. The incidence of Kotlin has increased significantly after Google’s # IO17 dispatch, which is officially remembered as a language to improve Android. There are many reasons recreational builders prefer to use this language. The most important thing is significantly reducing the amount of code you write to make it easier to understand and reduce errors. In addition, Kotlin has certain neighborhood areas. However, because it’s object-oriented in nature, Kotlin appreciates listing helpful programming aids.





The largest installed coding language is Objective-C, but it is currently in use and is considered the programming language for mobile games. It has a long way to go to reach unmistakable quality, created by computer scientists at some point in the 1980s and undergoing significant updates and major changes before it came into the hands of Apple. Apple then, at that point, made it an effective highlight for programming applied on their gadgets. Objective-C is propelled through C. However, it has some recognizable contrasts, like precise composing and easy-to-apprehend syntax, regarding making plans for cellular iOS gadgets, builders technique diverse structures, and some engines like Sparrow and Cocos2D.




 The main type of Java was developed in 1991 by a group of programmers and computer scientists. Originally called “oak,” it was intended to be used in combination with an intuitive television. However, Java game programming has evolved and extended far beyond this realm. It’s arguably the best game development language of the day. Java was primarily inspired by C and C ++ and influenced Javascript, Kotlin, and more. However, the biggest proponent of Java’s notoriety is its widespread similarity. Java code can be converted to traditional bytecode that any framework can execute. From mobile games to non-mainstream AAA titles, there’s nothing wrong with developing games in Java. Java is not the primary language for game development on Android, but Java is a big part of the developer’s soul. First of all, Java uses object-oriented programming. This means that you can reuse objects from different projects. The game development language also guarantees legacy code’s latest and essential support. It also reduces errors by obfuscating some item data. Another advantage of developing games in Java is the basic syntax. Java is similar to the human language as a significant game development language. Translators and compilers translate high-level languages, simplifying, organizing, and catching up with them. As a result, low-level decisions that look like machine code are uncommon.



Web (HTML5 + Javascript)


It is estimated that 95% of all websites use Javascript. Then it’s no wonder it’s also the leading programming language for a web game. Javascript is designed for use on a variety of devices and platforms and is very easy to learn if you are already familiar with C #, and C ++. Running a website page in a JavaScript game goes beyond the ability to use JS alone, in addition to designing HTLM5 or other website pages. HTML5 is the latest and most widely accepted standard for website page content, and Javascript running on HTML5 pages is the most common combination of titles displayed in internet browsers. Your speed is the primary motivation behind using this language for game development. This game development language is fast because it is often run in client programs. Network calls to the back-end server do not affect JavaScript unless external game development requirements are found. So don’t forget about interoperability. It’s completely different from preparing a language in advance. For example, in PHP, you can embed JavaScript on any page.

Developers can create additional JavaScript elements. The interaction point is also outstanding. JavaScript supports highlights such as intuition and sliders to enhance the customer experience. Nonetheless, JavaScript contains a basic design for both customers and game developers. Another motivation for choosing this game development language is its ubiquity. Apart from the game development example, big companies like Amazon and PayPal use JavaScript.


What is the best programming language for game development? 


The game development language provides a variety of factors that allow game developers to depend on their trends and target levels. Take gambling as an example. Programming handles different parts of the web-based club, such as installment payments, improved mobile capabilities, and the promotion of varying game channels. The programming language is also different from the game type. For example, developers can use different

languages ​​to create opening and table games. However, this is not the end. Some game development technologies are not covered here. However, most of them are omitted because they are used for a specific purpose and do not have a significant presence or because the language was previously widely used but is rarely used at this time.

For example, Python was widely used in game development in the past but is now rarely used.


There were several attempts have been made to develop a universal programming language from scratch that could serve all the purposes and can be said as Universal, but still have not come to a conclusion. Hence we need different programming languages for different purposes to make it run smoothly.

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