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Top Benefits of Gelatin Capsules and How to Use It

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Top Benefits of Gelatin Capsules and How to Use It

The encapsulation process is used for both medication and dietary supplements. It is a widely used production process for both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical purposes.

Gelatin capsules are widely used for encapsulation. Back then, Gelatin capsules were only used for pharmaceutical uses, but after the popularity of dietary supplements, Gelatin capsules reached new highs of prominence. These capsules offer immense health benefits and are easy to use.

Top Benefits of Gelatin Capsules and How to Use It

Benefits Of The Gelatin Capsules

The goodness of gelatin capsules lies behind the Gelatin, the protein that is used to make these capsules. Gelatin is a tasteless and odorless animal protein, good for skin and bones. Also, Gelatin is safe to be consumed and does not cause any allergic reaction, making these the most suitable empty capsule shells for everyone.

Gelatin capsules are preferred because-

  • Anyone can fill these capsules with bare hands. After some practice, anyone can fill up to 10 capsules in 2 minutes. 
  • These capsules have a great shelf life. This means you can store these cells for years if you keep them away from the sunlight. 
  • Gelatin capsules only take 15 minutes to release the inner drug into your digestive system. Also, these capsules have different release profiles providing you with more or less drug release timings. 
  • These capsules cost less, so they can easily fit in your budget.
  • Also, the capsules are widely available, so you will not have any issues finding them online. 
  • Capsules come in different sizes and colors, so to choose the capsule pack according to your preference. 
  • The capsule comes in various colors. The reason behind the capsule coloring is to prevent photosynthesis, which tablets do not offer. Preventing photosynthesis ensures that the drug will be safe to consume. So, if next time you see red or green gelatin capsules, know that color is the safety shield of the drug. 
  • Last but not least, these capsules do not contact moisture protecting the inner drug from fungus or any kind of damage.

There are many benefits that these capsules offer, so if you want to buy them, do it without any hesitation.

Uses Of The Gelatin Capsules-

The capsules are used for both pharmaceutical and personal uses. The use of the capsule also depends on the type of the capsule. Gelatin capsules come into two types-

  • Hard Gelatin Capsules
  • Soft Gelatin Capsules

Formation of the capsule determines their use and how the inner drug will be filled in, so to know briefly about the uses, we have to know about both types.

Uses Of Hard Gelatin Capsule-

Hard gelatin capsules have two parts. The first part is the cap used to seal the capsule, and the second part is the body used to contain the drug. After encapsulating each other, these parts form a cylindrical shape. 

The empty capsules you know are the hard gelatin capsules because these are not filled during the formation of capsules.

Gelatin capsules fill in dry medical drugs and supplements, making them a preferred choice for personal use.

Uses Of Soft Gelatin Capsules-

Soft gelatin capsules are hermetically sealed gelatin capsules that enclose liquid or semi-solid medical materials. The capsules are completely sealed during the formation, so they can’t be opened without destroying the capsule’s outer shell.

Also, the capsules are made from more flexible, plasticized gelatin film, unlike the hard gelatin capsules. Soft gelatin capsules offer many advantages, but one thing they can’t offer is personal use unless you own a capsule formation machine.

So, after knowing about both of these capsule types, we can conclude that only hard gelatin capsules can be used for personal use. So, now let’s know further about the hard gelatin capsules-

More About The Hard Gelatin Capsules-

Hard Gelatin comes in various sizes and colors to suit consumers’ preferences. Gelatin capsules became more popular after the trend of supplements. So, their demand increased rapidly, and the manufacturing companies had to take care of the demand and user satisfaction by offering different release profiles and sizes.

Selecting the right size of the capsule can be tricky for new users as it is confusing. But here is a thumb rule for selecting the size of the capsule. The lesser the number is, the bigger the size of the capsule will be. The size number 00 is the biggest size available for the gelatin capsule.

Alternative To Gelatin Capsules-

The other options for the Gelatin Capsule are vegetarian capsules. As their name indicates, these capsules are manufactured from 100% plant-based raw material.

The alternative is needed as many people condemned using the Gelatin capsules as they are made from animal proteins, Gelatin. Gelatine is derived from animal bones, skin, and other body organs. 

However, HPMC capsules are costly compared to gelatin capsules and less available. So, gelatin capsules remain the popular choice for empty shells.

Encapsulating The Hard Gelatin Capsules-

Hard gel capsules are easy to fill. You can fill in almost 100 capsules in 15 to 20 minutes. No machine is needed to encapsulate the drug. You are required to pick the capsule’s size and your supplement. 

You can use capsule filling to try to fill the capsules easily. However, if you don’t want to use it’s perfectly fine not to do it. You can do it without equipment.

What to Check While Buying The Gelatine Capsules-

You can find hundreds of online stores where you can buy the capsules. But, not everyone is selling the quality, so you have to check what you are buying carefully.

If you are buying capsules in the US, you must check that the capsules meet the pharmaceutical standards. Pharmaceutical standards ensure that capsules are suitable and safe for consumption.

Where Can You Buy The Gelatin Capsules For Your Personal Use?

When it comes to the capsules, you can’t compromise the quality. Quality is a must, as you are putting them inside your body. Don’t worry. We have a solution for you, CapsuleUSA. Capsule USA is the best place to buy empty gelatin capsules. You can buy any size and color of the capsule, from empty clear gel capsules to green and red capsules. So, you will have a lot of choices. Also, there is no minimum requirement set, so you can buy as many capsules as you want.

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