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Top 5 Ways to Make Wedding Planning More Exciting

by martingreen
Make Wedding Planning More Exciting

First and foremost, give significance to your priorities. When one thinks of organizing a wedding, believe me when I say that there is a slight enticing sensation that comes over everyone at some point in their lives. We can have one to hundreds of chats with many specialists or enlist the assistance of skilled friends or family members. There is a possibility that you have a limited budget and wish to complete tasks on your own to stay within your budget. There may be a lot to accomplish, but believe me, when it is feasible to create your D-day!

The arrangements to keep things running well would only take a few moments of your time and attention when you are forced to pick between limitless options and lists, as you will soon discover. The most effective strategy for doing this is to begin with, one step at a time rather than attempting to complete everything at once. The first step is to seek advice from friends and family members, including your prospective spouse, on each step you take. Or you can also consider hiring the entertainment agency, Essex. 

Let’s have a look at Ways to Make Wedding More Exciting.

– Allow yourself plenty of time to complete your tasks

Too many couples are so anxious to be married as soon as they are engaged that they arrange their wedding for a date far too close to their engagement date, leaving themselves insufficient time to prepare for the big day. They will have to sacrifice their time and resources to get everything prepared during that short preparation period. 

A reasonable rule of thumb allows a year to prepare for the wedding itself. Although it may feel like an eternity, you’ll notice how quickly time passes when you’re on a schedule. You do not need to choose a date before beginning your preparation. Before you even choose a date and give yourself a deadline. You may start thinking about the costumes,  hiring a magic selfie mirror, the décor, the theme, the caterer, and more. Your married life begins before you are married, and there is no reason to hurry!

– Make it as unique as you possibly can

It is a special day for you; thus, make it special for your guests by sharing it with them and making it unforgettable. Perhaps the flowers he gave you on your first date have been incorporated into your toss bouquet. In one of my couples, they proposed to each other in a hot air balloon. It didn’t steal the show, but it was such a sweet homage to a part of their relationship that it was worth mentioning!

Guests will feel more involved in the tale due to the inclusion of these distinctive and relevant touches. Additionally, you may personalise your tables by naming them after different themes or events that symbolise your life. It includes-:

  • Travels You Have Made Together

  • Favorite Music Or Movies

  • Dj Hire

  • And So On.

– Make A Financial Plan and Stick To It

The cost of a wedding may be prohibitively costly. Like with any other event, you may want to add new items to your master list as the day of the event approaches, which may not have been included in your original budget.

Make a budget and follow it to the letter. If you anticipate having a “wish list” of things that will come up closer to the time of the wedding, include such items in your predetermined budget from the beginning of the planning process. Make it a point to never go over the money you set aside for yourself from the beginning of the year.

If you spend too much money on flowers, you’ll have to cut back on something else on your shopping list. Be patient with yourself and prioritise the big-ticket purchases and must-have things first on your budget, recognising that these are the ones that must be paid for first, as opposed to “wish list” items that may trim at any point in the future.

– Make a Meal Preparation Schedule

Another unanticipated expenditure is the cost of feeding your wedding party on the big day. Before you sign the contracts, check to see that you are not obligated to provide the same food to your suppliers that you would offer to your visitors. You might have to pay for additional meals and hire a mobile bar if you don’t. Alternately, you may prepare a less costly supper. You will need to inform your wedding caterer a couple of days before the wedding of the number of vendors you will be feeding as well as the type of food you would want them to serve.

– Bring in backup personnel

In order to understand how to organise a wedding, the first and most crucial step is to recognise that you and your spouse cannot do it all on your own. There are just too many subtleties and intricacies to take into consideration. Be brave enough to enlist assistance when and when you require it. 


Engage the services of a wedding coordinator. A wedding planner will take care of many of the activities on your wedding checklist and assist you with décor, venue selection, wedding music, outfit suggestions that are appropriate for your taste, and other aspects of your wedding. Furthermore, they are not required to be full-service. Some couples prefer to work with planners who provide a portion of their services. Alternatively, some people employ a day-of coordinator but do the rest of the preparation themselves. Consider your wedding planner alternatives and choose the best fit for you!

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