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Top 10 E-commerce Using Store Locator

by carmellablick
Store Locator

Nowadays, the customer is shopping from an online store but wants to visit the store for satisfaction. They are ready to avoid the benefits of online shopping for purchasing the physical store.

The organization can use the store locator on its website so that the customers can visit their physical store. Store Locator is the functionality available on the website for the customer to find the location of the store located nearer to them.  It helps to build locations of the outlet on Google Maps and manage the physical store availability status.

Customers can find the physical store of the e-commerce store from the store locator added in the web page. They can visit stores by finding locations through Google Maps.

Additionally, customers can purchase the product from the online store and pick up the same order from the physical outlet in order to save delivery charges.  Therefore, customers can find a physical store to purchase products to their satisfaction.

List of Top 10 Brands Using Store Locator

Companies are building their online store with a store locator, so that potential customers can reach the outlet easily. Now, customers can visit their physical store by finding the location on Google Maps. Customers can purchase the product with convenience and satisfaction from their online store and physical store.

There is the majority use the store locator on the eCommerce website such as:


PUMA is the leading sports brand in the world, built on the Magento platform. This brand is distributing the products across many countries with satisfied customers.

Magento 2 extension contains several add-ons for providing comfort to the audience. PUMA uses the Magento 2 store locator extension that helps the customer to access the store location.

After using the Magento 2 store locator, customers can choose a country, region, and city for the store location. They can find the nearby PUMA store instead of searching for the PUMA physical store with full store details on Google. Therefore, customers can find the nearby physical store from the store locator page on the website.


Hyundai is the automobile industry that deals in manufacturing cars multinational. They launch high quality yet affordable cars for customers.

Hyundai is a successful car manufacturer and the most demanding brand in the market. They provide brand new cars and used cars too to their audience.

The online store of Hyundai is developed on Magento 2 platform that uses store locator page for its audience from Magento 2 extension. Hyundai provides store and contact details for the customer convenience.

Customers can choose the requirements from the dropdown option available in the search bar. They can have details of the dealer and physical store on its website.


Nykaa is a beauty retail company that is operating worldwide and helps to bring out cosmetics and personal care products. Trending products belong to Nykaa in the fashion industry.

Nykaa is also investing in Nykaa fashion with customer demand. It use Magento 2 store locator with the feature of slider images, Maps of the store location, filter, and other features. They provide all information about offers, new launches, product details, and Nykaa trends through slider images.

Hero Lectro

It is an electric cycle brand launched in Delhi. Hero Cycles launches Hero electro after analyzing the interest in the e-cycle of youth. It is one of the largest manufacturer in the world for the cycle industry and provides products and services to different generations.

The platform and store locator extension used by Hero Lectro is Salesforce Commerce Cloud. After that, customers can search for store details from Pincode and city in the search bar. They can check for the test ride, store experience, and store direction.

Car Store

The Car store is a certified store where sellers can sell their cars and buyers can buy cars. They provide care to the seller’s car. Customers can buy verified and certified used cars either online or offline.

Customers can analyze various stores in the Car Store. They can take an overview of the store information available on the store locator page.

Customers can check stock availability, other services, and the facilities of cars. They can contact the concerned person for any inquiry. Therefore, Car Store provides the direction to the store with all possible contact and store information on the store locator page.


Pantaloon is a growing lifestyle retailer of the clothing style in India and focuses more on innovative concepts and product design with the fashion trends.

Magento 2 store locator provides a store locator page in the web store of Pantaloons. Customers can explore the products online from the website. After that, they have options to buy the same products either from the website or search the nearby stores and buy from the physical store.

Pantaloons provide an address, store availability time, and WhatsApp chat for customers’ convenience. Customers can have all details available on the store locator page. They can allow customers to reach the physical store of Pantaloons.


Max store is a famous brand that provides various fashion clothes to different generations. There are various physical stores in places with online stores. Max focuses on new trends, collections, and different looks for the customers.

Customers can find the physical store information and direction by searching and scrolling through the place. Thus, the store locator page provides easy to find, visit, and buy the products from the physical store.


Tanishq is a famous Indian luxury brand for jewelry launched by Titan company. The brand also specializes in creating handmade jewelry, which is available. Their gems and gold jewelry pieces are more than exceptional.

Mainly customers prefer to buy jewelry from the Tanishq stores although they can shop for the jewelry pieces from an online store as well. They can search physical stores with their current location and get directions for the store on the Google Maps.


McDonald’s is a well known and successful fast-food restaurant in the world that serves great tasting burgers and fries at affordable prices.

Customers can enjoy a nice, healthy, and inexpensive meal nearby their location at a McDonald’s store. They can order the food from an online store and use an online coupon.

Customers can plan to go for a meal at a McDonald’s outlet nearby location. There are various physical stores in places with online stores. Customers can order at their convenience.

First Cry

First Cry aims to provide a wide range of products for babies, kids, and moms of all ages. All products are available on the online shopping store and physical store of the First Cry. Customers are satisfied with the online store but still looking for the physical store to ensure the quality of products before buying them.

Customers can use the store locator page to search the physical store and buy the product. Thus, customers can ensure the quality of products by visiting the physical store of First Cry located near to them.


To beat the competition, every company is working to improve its customer service and product quality with its e-commerce website and physical store.

E-commerce are using store locator extensions related to the platform. For example, the company has built their e-commerce website on the Magento 2 platform in that case, the company will use Magento 2 extensions.

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