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Thermal And Acoustic Insulation: A Step Towards Comfort

Whether for personal economy or to reduce pollution,, you can make the difference with best Construction Companies in UAE for a sustainable future.

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Construction Companies in UAE

Whether for personal economy, to optimize resources or to reduce pollution. The use of both good thermal insulation and rigorous acoustic insulation. We at best Construction Companies in UAE can make the difference between a sustainable future for the planet or not. In an increasingly aware society.

Thermal insulation is not just a trend. This is something that will remain for a long time to come. Hand in hand with isolation is the issue of sustainability due to the necessary preservation of natural resources.

Companies dedicated to this sector are making an increasing effort to minimize costs. Their products’ environmental impact as well.

Importance Of Acoustic and Thermal Insulation

First of all, the impact must analyze from an individual point of view. The use of a good seal in the external elements of a building can reduce the cost of the electricity bill by up to 70%. This is due to the fact that it minimizes heat losses in winter and cooling losses in summer.

Which allows less use of these equipments. Double-glazed windows also allow almost total isolation from noise. The main cause of poor rest and various sleep disorders.

Microorganism Cause Health Problems

Another example of good use is the protection of pipes. In addition to avoiding breakages. Leaks or loss of temperature. The use of porous materials can cause water contamination by Legionella. A dangerous microorganism that can cause serious health problems. Better rest, less expense, and less pollution. It seems that these new trends have only positive aspects on our lives.

Energy Consumption Advantages

Construction Companies in UAE

Construction Companies in UAE

But what about from an environmental point of view? In this sense, energy efficiency has even more advantages. As energy consumption is lower. Their production costs are also lower. So, the pollution derived from them also decreases immediately.

The increasingly successful integration of renewable energies. Such as wind or solar power is one more step on this path. That completes with the use of increasingly sustainable materials. The new construction policies and regulations are, without a doubt. Taking a step in the right path is a good example of what you need to do.

Companies Dedicated to Sustainable Construction

For this reason, in recent years, the sustainable construction sector has been evolving. The client no longer asks only for lower costs. But rather demands that a suitable, ecological home. With windows and doors that have excellent insulation. And electrical appliances with minimal expense.

He wants the integration of renewables. And even the reuse of furniture and recycled materials. As a result, it reduces waste and pollution. And although at first many resisted this change. More and more companies are jumping on the new wave of environmentalism. Where energy efficiency is the most important part of the discourse.

For all of the above. The proper use of good thermal and acoustic insulation in buildings is vital for our future. With this small gesture we not only contribute to reducing energy expenditure. But also, to eliminate part of the direct pollution used to generate it. We have to be clear that energy efficiency is the only way to a better future for us and our planet.

How To Achieve Sustainable Constructions by Insulating?

By having a reduction in the passage of heat or cold through an insulating material. The construction becomes sustainable. Bearing this in mind. It will be easier to understand how to achieve sustainable construction through insulation. Insulation is essential so that the renewable energies produced by renewable sources use to the maximum.

Energy Consumption in Homes

There are many factors that affect the rise in energy consumption of a home or a building. Whether due to the high price of hydrocarbons. Or the increase in electricity. What we seek is savings. Especially in relation to the air conditioning of a home or business. Luckily, thanks to the code of the current building regulations. Thermal insulation has gained greater weight and importance in the construction sector.

Passive House Constructions Certificate

Construction Companies in UAE

Construction Companies in UAE

A building that has the Passive house certificate is proof of this. Because it is a guarantee that the construction has the necessary insulation to save on heating and cooling. Without a doubt, it is a good sign to achieve sustainable constructions.

To achieve this, fixed thicknesses are no longer determined, but based on the climatic zone. And based on a calculation with state-approved computer tools or tools such as Passive-House seals. Which includes endless factors. It determines performance and therefore the necessary thickness is essential.

The thermal insulation used must have adequate thermal conductivity. With the thick thickness calculated to give it the right thermal resistance. And, also, as a result of the above, a façade with low thermal transmittance.

Sustainable Constructions

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Sustainable insulation = sustainable buildings

Adequate insulation of a building or home translates into proper heat retention. When it is colder outside than inside. And the same in the opposite direction. This is the cornerstone of sustainable constructions. Because then they will require less air conditioning in summer and less heating in winter. Or even, as in the case of passive houses, no heating is necessary.

Determine Thermal Insulation

Once the type of thermal insulation has been determined. As well as its thickness. It is time to determine how it will place. Here there are different modalities with their pros and cons. However, among them, the insufflation technique stands out for rehabilitation. The blowing technique is one of the most efficient, economical, and fastest. In addition to the use of sustainable insulation. That reduces the environmental footprint and is recyclable or even biodegradable.

There are different types of insulators. But among them those that meet these characteristics are cork. Resistant to rain, weather and that insulate especially against heat thanks to its thermal inertia. There is also cellulose, with similar qualities. Since its origin is also vegetable.

Insulate And Save: Sustainable Constructions Using Thermal Insulation

In conclusion, thermal insulation is a key piece to obtain better sustainable constructions. Because in this way optimal energy efficiency. Energy savings and also consumption achieve. In addition, sustainable constructions contribute for all this to the lengthening of its useful life. Achieving the goal that all buildings reach this level of efficiency. Regardless of whether they are new or refurbished, is the goal to achieve.

The use of sustainable materials and their correct application goes hand in hand. With responsible and professional companies in the sector. As these are in charge of carrying out efficient thermal insulation.

Services For Thermal Insulation

That is why at we professionally dedicate to providing services. Such as thermal insulation. In this way. Not only is the regulation complied with, but we contribute our grain of sand in achieving sustainable constructions.

Hand in hand with seals of sustainability standards such as the breeam seal. Or hand in hand with seals of sustainable constructions and energy standards. Efficient, such as the Passive-House seal.


In recent years, thermal insulation has gained traction. There is no doubt that this is something that will last for a long time to come. The issue of sustainability goes hand in hand with the issue of isolation due to the fact that we need to preserve natural resources in order to carry on.

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