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The insurance sector is a leader in quality employment

by alex
The insurance sector is a leader in quality employment

Some still have a distorted image of what it is to work in an insurance company; however, it is a leading sector in quality employment, and this is demonstrated by its stable contracts, equality, and family reconciliation policies, social benefits, career plans, subsidized training or talent recruitment programs. These are just some of the characteristics of the employment generated by the insurance sector.

Anyone who wants to dedicate himself to working in the world of insurance companies finds himself in a market of more than 300 companies; it is a sector rich in opportunities and a perfect place to demonstrate talent.

We must not lose sight of the fact that the insurance sector generates peace of mind for policyholders and savers, managing risks and collaborating in a country’s economy. 

Working in insurance is working in a sector that helps solve problems for both people and companies.

We leave you some data that give an idea of ​​the social function of the insurance industry:

    • It generates more than 50,000 direct jobs.
    • 96% of the contracts are indefinite.
    • More than 90% of the people who make up the templates have received training in the last year.
    • The average work seniority is 14 years.
    • It contributes to general well-being by pooling risks and its corporate social responsibility policies, through which 112 million euros are contributed to projects to improve society.
    • It gives opportunity to young talent, with exclusive programs and scholarships for training with a career plan.
    • It helps to plan retirement with savings-prevision products adjusted to our needs. Managed savings in 2018 exceeded 185,000 million euros.
    • Life insurance helps more than 60,000 families who each year suffer the tragedy of an unexpected death, balancing their economic situation.
    • It plays an essential role as an investor, managing long-term quality savings and buying public debt, a beneficial investment for all since it is the primary way of financing infrastructure, schools, hospitals… 

Mediation, a profession of the future

The insurance industry’s prudent and very professional financial management policy for many years has meant that this sector has created jobs during the economic crisis, maintaining an ascending line in its solvency ratio. All this gives us an idea of ​​the excellent stability it enjoys.

Mediation is a beautiful destination for those who are preparing for their professional future. The insurance sector can be accessed from a wide range of university specialties or other types of intermediate-level training. It offers a promising horizon for anyone who decides to start their business career.

Far behind has been the mistreated concept of the “insurance salesman” that American cinema has shown us; the typical character in a suit and with a briefcase, who stands at the door ready to sell you anything. Luckily, here is the key figure of the insurance mediator, a professional who advises on insurance matters.

The insurance mediator is a professional with a high degree of knowledge, continuous training, and highly specialized advice that can hardly be obtained through any other channel.

Individuals and companies must take into account a large number of factors before contracting any type of insurance; in the specific case of universal life insurance, emotional factors also intervene that will require an exhaustive analysis of the economic, family, labor, and fiscal situation of the family.

Let’s think about the specific need for saving for retirement. Specialized training in savings products and taxation is essential to optimize the combination of financial and tax guarantees, risks, and returns, adjusting to the needs and risk profile of each client.

The function of the mediator is to carry out an analysis of risks and economic needs and build a “tailor-made” product capable of protecting and safeguarding the well-being of the insured and their families.

Starting in the Mediator profession means, in many cases, starting a professional career for life, with real possibilities of prospering and doing a very satisfying job that helps people live their lives with more peace of mind. You put the roof on; it depends on the number of clients you get to advise.

The economic and emotional needs covered by the insurance sector through risk pooling will continue to be there in the future; it is not a sector that is going to be out of work because of technological advances. On the contrary, due to demographic factors and the aging of the population, the tendency is for States to reduce the death and retirement benefits provided by the public pension system, leaving an increasingly wide field to the insurance sector that covers these needs. In a sustainable way.

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