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The Importance Of 3D Modelling And 3D Software in Construction Management

by jamesurso
Construction Companies in Dubai

Increasingly, public administrations in countries require the use of a BIM methodology to approve construction projects. And for more than two years, it is compulsory in all works with public financing. We offer best product and services for Construction Companies in Dubai.

But what exactly does this concept that heard increasingly in the sector mean? And most importantly, does it represent any sales opportunity for material manufacturers? We anticipate that it is. Today we will talk about the importance of BIM objects within this methodology. About the opportunity they represent and we will detail:

What exactly is the BIM methodology?

What is a BIM object? Including some examples.

Where to download these BIM objects?

And how are they created?

Let Us Start at The Beginning: What Exactly Is The “BIM” Methodology?

Construction Companies in Dubai

Construction Companies in Dubai

BIM is an abbreviation for Building Information Modeling. Construction Information Modeling is another term for the same thing. It is a methodology for dealing with building construction projects.

Specifically, at the time of projecting a work, create a virtual model of the building that centralizes all the relevant information. At this point, it is important to note that it is not just a 3D model of what the property will look like. But it also includes data for the construction of the building itself. For its maintenance throughout its life cycle, including its demolition.

And So, What Is A BIM Object and What Connection Does It Have with The Methodology?

From here, we create the virtual model of the building. You must have the models of each of the elements, products or solutions that compose it. Of the bricks, of the pipes, of the doors or that are going to use of any of the materials. And precisely, this virtual model of the material is what is known as a BIM Object (BIM object).

Let us also point out, at this point, that the BIM object is not only the 3D design of the product or system. But, as in the methodology. It must include key information. Such as technical characteristics, certificates and other relevant data, the so-called Property Sets.

Technical Characteristics

Thus, if we have information about the product. Not only about its technical characteristics. But also, about how its maintenance should be in the future. And its useful life. Our virtual model becomes a living model that allows us to see how the building will behave in the future.

For example, let us imagine that we must install a series of luminaires. And we know that their useful life is about 20,000 hours. Knowing these details will allow us to know when we should change these luminaires. And what their maintenance may cost us.

Work With Property Sets

The Property Sets to complete may vary depending on the client to whom we directed the budget. Some large clients or public administration’s request that they work with Property Sets. Defined by themselves, others adhere to different market standards.

Three dimensional objects with files compatible with 3D modeling packaged with their Property Sets into software for BIM. Such as Revit, 3DS or Archi-Cad. The designer or architect can download them to have both the 3D design and the product information.

Examples Of BIM Objects

Construction Companies in Dubai

Construction Companies in Dubai

The following image shows a tab of a BIM object. As you can see, the product information includes:


  • Text with technical specifications
  • Links to different PDFs about the product and technical manuals
  • Classification according to different codes
  • The countries where it is available
  • And finally, the technical characteristics of the product.

Regarding 3D modeling, when you click on download, different available files appear:

Another example in the plumbing sector would be this:

There are thousands of BIM objects from all kinds of construction-related industries. And so far, we have seen isolated examples. Many of them made the building virtual model. Of that interact with each other. When they added to the software, you can see how they work together.

In this sense, here we show you a sink made up of multiple BIM objects:

The Value for Material Manufacturers in BIM Methodologies

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, public administrations are increasingly requiring the use of BIM methodologies. As a result, architects, engineers, and modelers require real product BIM objects to include in their projects.

And it is precisely here that the methodology transforms into a potent prescription tool. If the manufacturer can bring the BIM object closer to the architect and the architect incorporates it into his designs. There is a greater likelihood that we will use said product in the construction of the work.

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