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The 5 tips you should follow to optimize your Wordpress website to get a Better Result

by ethanrichardson
custom wordpress web design

In this blog, I will explain to you the 5 things you should follow to improve your  website performance. ​​​​​ custom wordpress web design is the best for your site.

These 5 tips will be able to dramatically improve the performance of your WordPress website. If you want to learn more about this, be sure to read this blog.

Nowadays every business owner wants to have a website to boost their business. Though this target is easily achievable if you are a tech-savvy entrepreneur, if you are non-techie then it is not that easy. 


  1. Avoid being blocked by Google
  2. Use SEO friendly title tags
  3. Keep the website design in mind
  4. Make your site mobile responsive
  5. A better user experience

1. Avoid being blocked by Google

Efficiently use your business high-speed internet when you need it most

If you want to avoid getting blocked by Google, consider hiring someone who is familiar with those lists and knows exactly what they’re doing. It’s like having your own personal human security system that keeps track of all the search engine updates so you know when it’s the right time to start publishing new content.

2. Use SEO friendly title tags

Users often find sites via search engines. Using title tags that include keywords helps your pages show up in the relevant search results.

One of the most frustrating things about SEO is getting everything to work together perfectly. it’s highly technical and requires an intricate understanding of specific rules. If you’ve done SEO, you know exactly what I’m talking about. There are so many little elements in SEO that sometimes it seems impossible for everything to work out as it should. 

3. Keep the website design in mind

Keep the website design in mind and by this, we mean to make sure that your online business model isn’t too disruptive. It needs to be collaborative in order for it to work best. custom wordpress development company provides the best soluation. 

4. Make your site mobile responsive

Mobile devices have become an inevitable part of our daily lives. Over half of the global web traffic comes from mobile platforms and this number is growing rapidly so as to represent approximately 51.53% of overall web traffic. 

In light of these statistics, website owners need to realize the significance of offering reliable user experiences to their visitors on any device they might be using. wordpress design and development services are very useful. Which could range from desktop PCs to laptops or tablets such as iPods and iPads for example.

That helps our mobile visitors get a better experience with your website. 

5. A better user experience

When it comes to running a business, people need to have the best experience possible. wordpress website development services are a help for the best outcomes. This sounds cliché, but it’s important that your clients can actually enjoy their experiences. 

when they come into contact with you! Because they will be coming to you over the Internet before they meet up with you in person, then the first impressions they receive through your website is almost as important as how they feel about you during an actual conversation.


You should follow these steps to optimize your custom wordpress web design website and rank higher in search engines. Improvement of your website can help to get better results.

The content of the blog should be attractive and informative for the reader and it should also lead them to a sales page or to a landing page. That’s why it’s vital to pay attention to the clarity, formatting, and overall appearance of your content.

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