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The 10 Best Games That Make You Feel Powerful

by ariana
Marvel's Avengers

The 10 best games that make you feel powerful

It’s funny to use power in games. While it is simple to empower the player, the game will quickly become repetitive and boring if it doesn’t balance that power. Some titles are able to balance the lines and create games that make you feel powerful while still engaging.

List of Games

The best games that make you feel strong are those that give you a wide range of options. Some games deliver this feeling through animations and visual effects. Others build your character slowly over time. It is possible to make a game that empowers. These titles can feel almost exclusive to video games when done well. You can easily find good characters’ names using the orc name generator. This half orc name generator will generate unique, good names for you.

10. Marvel’s Avengers

We all know Marvel’s Avengers did not win universal praise. If there was one thing that they did exceptionally well, it was nailing Hulk. Hulk is not the first video game to feature him; The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction is a fantastic game. This Hulk version is still special because of the way the ground shakes as you move and the sheer seismic explosions Hulk’s basic attacks create.

It is a special ability to grab an opponent and smash them into the ground repeatedly that deserves special recognition. You will feel just as powerful controlling the Hulk from Marvel’s Avengers as you should when you do it.

9. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Symphony of the Night does an amazing job of building Alucard up. It begins by stripping Alucard (literally) from all his power. You will soon be able to blast through your opponents’ ranks once you are halfway through the game.

After you have completed the inverted castle, there are a half dozen ways you can break the game. Symphony of the Night’s difficulty drops off a cliff in the final quarter of the game. But it is an amazing power fantasy in the end.

8. Doom (2016)

You can feel almost invincible if you master Doom. The enemy animations that you see during your glory kill are a powerful reminder of the fear.

They are often seen trying to run away in these visceral instant-kill scenes. The looks on their faces are pure terror. It is the only game to feature a bestiary that contains nothing but demonic entities. You almost feel sorry for them. They never got a chance in hell.

7. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Solid Snake was strong and had the tools to stealthily dispatch entire armies, but he never felt powerful. Raiden in Revengeance is not the same. It might seem like slicing up enemies in slow motion would get tedious, but it would not. It’s always super cool. It makes you feel powerful.

Boss fights can only increase the intensity of things. You will face a slew of certified badasses, but you will always emerge victoriously. You will feel like the ultimate cyber-ninja. Raiden is a leader in cyber ninjas.

6. Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry has been a series that values player expression. You can control any character, and you will be able to use their special abilities and attacks to destroy the enemies. This feeling of power can be earned.

Devil May Cry 5 feels like the culmination of all the best elements of the previous games. You will not be able to use the many moves in Devil May Cry 5 effectively until you learn how to properly chain them with other moves. Devil May Cry 5 provides everything you need to be a complete badass. You are only responsible for achieving your full potential.

5. Deathloop

Arkane Studio games offer a variety of tools, but they never encourage you to use them to their full potential. You’ll be teleporting to different rooftops, using your abilities to link your enemies and ending them all with one well-placed headshot.

This is when you don’t launch them from a million miles away, or use any of your powerful weapons to kill them. You could hack their security systems to kill them with your own automated turret guns. The world is your playground in Deathloop. It is, however, a playground that’s only for murder.

4. Bayonetta

Many similarities exist between the Bayonetta games and Devil May Cry, the king of Character Actions games. The powers here can be even more bizarre. The lovable Platinum slowdown mechanism is prominently featured. It’s called “Witch Time”, which is a charming play on the “Bullet Time” mechanic.

The scenarios in the game are exaggerated and dynamic. You will feel extremely powerful, hyper-capable, and unstoppable as you go through the content.

3. Control

Control is the game that allows you to scale up your power progression. Your standard pistol is never underpowered and you can telekinetically fly objects from the beginning. But that’s just the tip.

You will soon be flying around the arenas collecting debris, tossing it back at your enemies, and taking their minds. It’s a rush. Although control is not easy, it makes you feel like a high-powered telekinetic warrior.

2. Lost Judgment

You will likely feel Lost Judgment is very similar to the Yakuza action series. Once you get the parry mechanic of Lost Judgment, however, it will become clear that one mechanic can make all the difference.

You can fight boss battles in which they don’t tag and you dodge all their attacks. Instead, you deliver your own devastating combos and deflect all their attacks. You will feel absolutely unbeatable if you add the Yakuza heat actions (“EX Actions”)

1. Breath Of Fire: Dragon Quarter

What number of RPGs has the main character gained a powerful ability that makes them story-wise extremely powerful? Most likely. Is it often that the game makes your character feel as powerful and important as the story implies? Rarely, if at all. One exception is Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

You only have a certain amount of dragon power (measured using the D-Counter). Ryu, the game‘s protagonist, dies once you exhaust your dragon power. You can’t replenish the power. You will feel more powerful if you use your dragon power, which you will need to do against some of the boss battles. In a matter of seconds, enemies that were previously too difficult for your party are no longer a problem. 

Your attacks also make it easy to eliminate groups of enemies. You feel invincible, and against most enemies, you will. It is difficult to choose when you should use your power. But when you do it, your enemies will be shaken. As they should.


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