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The 06 best free games on Steam online

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The following are the 06 best free games on Steam online in 2022.


Significantly darker and gothic than the rest of the games on this list, Path of Exile is also known as the RPG with the most complex and intricate character progression system. Each player has access to an incredibly huge, densely woven network of abilities and upgrades, allowing them to develop their avatar in any desired direction. To unlock access to all these things, you will have to fight your way through the monster-stricken world, and the combat system in Path of Exile is even (shh!) better than in Diablo III.


Rift is an excellent MMORPG from developer Trion Games and a very popular one on Steam. The scenery is the epic fantasy world of Telara, while traveling through which your character will grow, acquire new skills and magical weapons, defeating the most dangerous creatures along the way.

Choose a faction to your liking, whether it be Guardians or Apostates, and go ahead, conquer a huge and rich in detail world! Decent in Rift and choice of vocations – Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, Mage and Primalist. If you want to avoid all this rigmarole, then choose Destiny: a ready-made character profile, without having to bother with the distribution of souls.


What can be said about Team Fortress 2, the mega-popular and constantly evolving shooter from Valve ? She has hats. Lots of hats. And it is also an exceptionally polished project, which since its launch back in 2007 has had no end to the players, and frequent updates fill the game again with hats, new modes, maps and hats.

That true saying that, no matter how much the game has evolve in over a decade since its release, it has a very low barrier to entry, especially if you have a few buddies. The amount of content in it is just incredible, a lot of great modes: from the classic “capture the flag” with the Blue and Red teams to the joint “Mann vs. Machine”, in which players team up to fight back against hordes of deadly robots .


In the realm of MOBA, Dota 2’s dread beast is second only to the king – League of Legends . Millions of people play it every moment of the time, returning to the game again and again, learning new characters and patches. And you know exactly what to expect from the mastodon of the genre, whose roots go back to the beginning: an extensive champion roster, a huge list of powerful items, ten players, three lanes and tough skill requirements.

You can spend whole days thinking about the metagame, laying out talents in your mind and watching tournament matches. And, of course, it’s more fun and effective to play Dota 2 with your friends.


The scope of Planetside 2 is something. War rages on entire continents, armies clash in battles for bases, equipment rushes across the plains, and planes cut through the skies. An amazing sight … until you fall from a sniper ‘s bullet , lurking somewhere a couple of kilometers away from you.

We highly recommend playing it with friends, or at least with a microphone, because in the chaotic hell of battle, only communication with comrades can bring victory. Imagine Battlefield-style point capture drifting games unblocked multiplied by infinity with three factions. Paradise, honestly.


MMORPG-shooter in the spirit of the game STALKER Getting use to the role of a stalker, you will go to the territory of the Exclusion Zone and explore abandon cities full of dangers and anomalies. You have to look for artifacts, as well as confront local bandits (whose role can be play by other gamers) and monsters .

The game cleverly combines elements of survival and MMORPG. That is, in addition to an exciting adventure through the scorched lands, you must take care of the health of your character and monitor vital signs.

Stay Out is free, thanks in large part to being in Early Access. The drifting games unblocked has mixed reviews (due to bugs), but the original idea is also noted in the reviews. We hope that the developers will bring the project to mind!

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