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Texel Agency – A perfect guide for removing tire satins from your garage epoxy flooring

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Texel Agency – A perfect guide for removing tire satins from your garage epoxy flooring

The most daunting question arises about how to remove tire marks or tire satins from epoxy and other garage floor coatings. Texel Agency, the best epoxy flooring services in Coimbatore will give you worthy ideas on how to remove the strong tire stains from epoxy flooring.

Usually, you prefer to shed your jaguar or Benz luxury car into your garage house. Being an aristocrat, you need to love to have a luxury car collection. But unfortunately, your well-designed epoxy garage flooring looks odd for tire marks. What shall you do, you got worried? Here comes the role of epoxy flooring services to look into the problems and get rid of them.  This makes you confusing, we will explain what can cause tire marks in your coating to make you better understand. Why did this happen? Apart from that, we will discuss with you the best methods to remove these strong marks.

What Cause Tire Marks ON Epoxy

The reason that causes tires to leave black marks on your epoxy garage flooring coating is known as “plasticizer migration”. The plasticizer is a blend of polymer compounds and other chemicals that are applied to the tire industry to create more flexible rubber compounds. The flexible compound will give the tire more grip and help to keep it soft and workable in cold weather.

When a tire gets heat while driving, these plasticizers help to relax and leach out to the tire. This leaching effect leaves brown tire marks on the epoxy flooring coatings. People think it depends upon the different tire construction and brand. But the truth lies in that every car leaves a tire car when it moves in the high frictions. It does not matter what brand is it!! But yes, the only thing is that branded car tires will leave fewer strains to look like.

The coating creates a cross-linking pattern which gives the coating strength as well as density. That is why commercial quality epoxies, polyurethanes, and polyurea absorb more tire staining than lesser quality coatings. For your home improvements, garage flooring kits need the best one. epoxy flooring services will guide you to give the best DIY garage floor coating kits.

High-performance clear coats, such as polyurea and polyprotic in particular, are the best to resist tire staining

How to remove the tire mark strains

How easy is it to remove the tire marks from your garage floor? It depends on the value of your topcoat. And questions come to mind about how long the marks persist before attempting to remove them. You have to minute observation any sign of tire marks. The sooner you tackle cleaning them, the more perfect you will be.

Generally, the easiest way to remove the stain using a good cleaner such as Simple Green or a concrete degreaser to remove the tire stain. Keep it dry for a while.

After that use a semi-stiff nylon brush to scrub the mark. Be careful while using a scrub pad as these can make scratch the finish. Use scrubbing very lightly with any pressure. The application removes the satins depending on how long you have let the marks build up.

Other products you can use are goof off available in the home improvement centers or auto parts stores. Again, be very careful while scrubbing.

If the tire marks are not cleaned up properly then there is a commercial product that is crafted just for removing tire marks on coatings

This product is known as NAB Black Streak and Tire Mark Remover. It is very much successful in removing stubborn marks on the epoxy garage floor. The best epoxy flooring services in Coimbatore offer you a variety of epoxy flooring coating solutions to remove strong stains from your flooring.


The best thing you can take for your permanent tire stains on your garage floor coatings use preventative maintenance. Just make sure the tire mark does not stay for a longer period.

Daily cleaning your garage floor coating is the best example and helps to prevent these issues. if you see any tire marks developing now it is high time to tackle them for the best success.

Finally, if you have a car that stays for a long period. You park each tire over a small scrap of cardboard, carpet, or similar material like that.

Texel Agency is well familiar with all those issues. Our versatile experienced technicians who are well named with the best epoxy flooring services will guide you on how to take care of epoxy garage flooring smartly.

Our 200 technicians all over India are there to tackle all our epoxy maintenance solutions. We will be very grateful to offer you the best epoxy flooring services in Coimbatore. We offer a wide variety of Epoxy Flooring, Compressor, and Accessories, equipment within your value cost range.

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