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Tarotscope for Zodiacs(April, 2022)

by We-astro

Introduction: What is a Tarotscope?

Tarot card readings are very popular nowadays. From simple casual readings in a lazy afternoon to receiving the best advice, Tarot reading as a tradition has come a long way. Many of us like using Tarot for guidance, but do you know Tarot can provide you with horoscopes as well?
Horoscopes carried out with the help of Tarot cards are called Tarotscopes, which are highly favourable to predict future circumstances, or conditions affecting human affairs. It is a combination of astrological studies with Tarot cards. Tarotscopes can be daily, monthly, or weekly, and are very helpful to gain insights on something we don’t know. To read, you just need to know the person’s star, sun, and moon signs. Each sign’s planetary characteristics affect the symbolisms of the card you are pulling out. Tarotscope is an extended version of astrology.

Monthly readings for different zodiacs(April, 2022)

Aries(The Devil): The month of April is a good time for self-reflection and self discovery, as you had been ignoring your darkest fears, secrets, and insecurity for long, and without the minimum touch of empathy, your soul is wounded. It is essential that you care for yourself, and spend some time developing your instincts. You might be fed up with your current work environment, and you are stressed therefore. But, it is time you embrace each part of yourself, and let go of whatever is toxic.
Taurus(Five of Pentacles): You will finally get changes from the previous problems this month. You will find out healthy ways to cope up with the heartbreak, or loneliness, which was buried within you and causing you immense pain. Be selective about people this time, as not all are your true friends.
Gemini(Ace of Cups): You will discover a new, deepening love connection this month, and your partner will restore peace in your mind. Welcome any change with open arms, as they will be positive this month. You have worked on yourself, and this month will bring you the fruits from your progress. Your artistic side might turn into your career, and doing something you love will enhance your finances.
Cancer(The Hanged Man): April will be followed by a massive change of perspective, which will bring good changes in your career. Slow down your expectations, otherwise they might lead to a disaster. You might feel difficulty in concentrating, so increase your focus through meditation or yoga. The invasion of art and music will make your life happy.
Leo(Two of wands): This month will be the beginning where you free yourself from the toxic cycle around you. Do not make excuses to distract yourself from work. You might start new hobbies this month.
Virgo(Eight of Cups): You will walk away from someone or something which is bothering you for long. You will finally gain freedom from toxicity. Take a new yoga or dance class to grow internally.
Libra(Knight of swords): You might feel unsettling at the beginning of the month, however, with the right people, you can definitely restore your peace of mind. You might make last minute travel plans or spend more time outdoors.
Scorpio(Page Of Wands): You will get over the past health issues that were disturbing you for long. You will be more exposed to romanticism. Drink more water, and get an allergy tested, as it might cause complications.
Sagittarius(Justice): You will fix your wrong doings this month through apology and letting go of your ego. You will expand your work and money.
Capricorn(Six of Swords): You need to escape from your fears, and embrace vulnerability. You need to trust people more. Always remember, change need not be scary.
Aquarius(The Hierophant): Create a relationship with consistency, and do not overstress yourself.
Pisces(Strength): You will start to look at life differently, and release yourself from the shackles that are preventing you from doing anything.


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