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Solution to Import PST Files to Office 365 Mailbox Explained

by Aditya29

Summary: This article mainly focuses on providing the best available methods to import PST files to Office 365 mailbox. It includes two manual solutions and a professional method that can help users to upload PST files conveniently to Office365.

Generally, Outlook is used by many users and business personalities to work and grow their business via email communication. However, many users are now shifting to Office 365 who don’t use Outlook. But it becomes difficult for Outlook users to import PST files to Office 365 mailbox.

So for those users, we have explained some methods which can be used to move Outlook emails to O365.  But before moving forward, let’s get familiar with the reasons for it.    

Reason to Import PST Files on the Cloud Platform(O365)

Here are some common reasons why users need to import upload PST file to Office 365 mailbox

  • It doesn’t allow users to open PST files if their file size is 20 GB or more.  
  • Users can access PST files in Outlook only. It doesn’t allow users to access PST files using a mobile device. 
  • When a PST file is shared with multiple people and two users access a file at the same time. Then there is a high chance of corrupting the file.
  • High chances of corrupting the file are there if two users access the same PST file at the same time when that file has been shared.
  • It becomes a tough job to Recover data from a corrupt PST file.

Conventional Ways to Move PST Files to Microsoft 365

 How to Import PST Files to Office 365 Mailbox With the help of the Network Import Method

In this method, we will explain the process to transfer PST email files to O365 by using the Network uploaded method. Maybe, this method is a little complicated. Follow steps sequentially. 

  1. Firstly, the user needs to run the MS Outlook application and press the file section.
  2. Select the Import & Export Option and hit on the select Export to a file option and press the Next button.
  3. Then choose the Outlook data file (PST) then, you need to select the folders where you want to export and press the Next button.
  4. Now, select the path where you want to save the exported PST file and press the finish button.
  5. Here, the user will generate the SAS URL.
  • To import PST files to Office 365 mailbox, firstly go to protection.office.com
  • In Information Governance, select the “New Import” option.
  • Now, hit on the Import PST Files and click on the New Import job button.
  • Here, the user will upload PST files and press Next.
  • Press on Show the network upload SAS URL.
  • Finally, copy and save the SAS URL in Notepad.
  1. Install and run the Azure AzCopy, then upload PST to Office 365 mailbox from the Microsoft website.
  2. Create a PST Import Mapping file.
  3. Here, the user will enter to create the PST file.
  4. Now, the user has to create a CSV file to map the PST into the mailbox account.
  5. Open the Import data option and check on both options. Then, press Next.
  6. Now in the Mapping File option, choose the Upload CSV file.
  7. In the end, hit on the Validate button and Save.

After implementing all the steps carefully, the user will be able to upload PST file to Office 365 mailbox.

Moving PST files by Drive Shipping Method

With the help of this method, users are able to move the PST files to Office 365. Follow the steps sequentially.

  1. Initially, the user needs to download the Azure Import/Export tool and a secure storage key.
  2. Then, copy the PST files from a hard drive.
  3. Now, the user needs to create a PST import mapping file.
  4. Now, create a PST import file in office 365 to import PST files to Office 365 mailbox.
  5. Next, ship the hard drive containing the PST file to Microsoft.
  6. Here, the user will have to wait for some time, as this process takes time.
  7. When Microsoft will upload the hard drive files to Office 365. Now, the user can check if the PST file is successfully migrated or not.  

Automated Method to Transfer PST Files Effortlessly 

The above-mentioned steps are associated with some limitations which may restrict users from completing the upload PST file to Office 365 mailbox process. However, we have a one-click solution that will surely help users to shift Outlook email files to Microsft 365. We recommend users to execute the process safely by using the Trustworthy Import PST to Office 365 Tool.    

We have included the steps to use this tool to execute the Import process, follow the steps carefully.

  • Download and start the software on the local system. Then, mark the checkbox (“Is Office 365 admin”) if the user is an admin. Type the credentials and press Login.

  • Now, choose any given option (Add Files, Add Folder, Add CSV) to add a folder that contains PST files.

  • Next, Browse and choose the PST Folder or File which needs to upload.

  • A list of all the PST files with their email addresses will display on the screen and it will validate all the credentials. Press Next after completion of this step.

  • In the next window, the user can choose the items and can set Date filters in the category section which needs to import.

  • In the end, after validation, choosing items and applying filters, the user now has to hit on the Import button to begin the process to upload PST files to Office 365.


People who don’t use Outlook can easily create an account and start working in Office 365. Meanwhile, Outlook users face challenges as they have to import PST files to Office 365 mailbox. So, in this article, we have explained the perfect and reliable solution which can be used to execute the process.

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