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Should You Buy Wholesale PEG 400 for Your Vaping Business?

by nicotineriver

Polyethylene Glycol or PEG 400 is a viscous liquid commonly used by many industries to make a variety of items, including pharmaceuticals. It is commonly used along with Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin for making vaping fluid because of its odorless and colorless properties.

If you own a vaping business and want to start producing your own blend of e-liquids, you should buy bulk polyethylene glycol. Most formulas use a low percentage of PEG 400, but it is great for distributing flavor throughout the formula and helps preserve the quality.

Buying wholesale PEG 400 for your vaping business has several benefits, some of which are listed here.

1. Reduces cost

Polyethylene glycol has similar properties to propylene glycol, but it is significantly less expensive. So, when you create your own custom blends of e-liquid, you can easily reduce cost by adding PEG 400 along with PG and other ingredients.

PEG 400 is safe for consumption in small amounts, so it does not change the quality or effectiveness of the vaping fluid, but it brings down the cost of manufacturing and increases profits.

2. Great for CBD liquids

If you want to expand your vaping business to include CBD products, it is a great idea to buy wholesale PEG 400. It is great for creating CBD vaping fluids, as CBD oil can easily mix into PEG. You may use a combination of PG, VG, and PEG to create the blends or use PEG on its own.

Since PEG 400 is completely colorless and odorless, the final product is a flavorful CBD vaping fluid with no extra flavors when you add CBD oil to it.

3. Great for flavored liquids

PEG 400 is great at distributing flavor throughout the fluid, so it is commonly mixed in flavored e-liquids to enhance the formula. It helps mix the flavor more effectively, so there is consistent flavor on every hit.

Moreover, PEG does not have the same throat hit as PG; therefore, if you want to reduce the intensity of the liquid, you can easily do so by adding PEG 400 into the fluid.

4. Freedom to create custom blends

Using different solvents for e-cigarettes allows you to make custom blends for different flavors and concentrations of e-liquids. You can mix and match different solvents such as PG and VG along with PEG 400 to create mild or strong blends. You can also add flavors according to your preference and create unique e-liquids for your shop.

So, when you buy bulk polyethylene glycol, you can create blends according to customer demand.

In conclusion

If you run a vape shop and you want to expand your business by creating your own custom blends, buying PEG 400 is a great way to get started. You can also buy the other popular solvents, i.e., PG and VG, to add variety to your custom e-liquids.

Although PEG 400 is not the most popular solvent for vaping fluid, it is still a great way to reduce cost and improve the formulation. So, if you want to start making your custom liquids, go to Nicotine River today to purchase wholesale PEG 400.

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