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Sered.net, hosting company

by templatetrip

Hello, coins! Did you miss us? If the answer is sure, don’t worry, here we’re back. As we already informed you, we were inactive around here because of the excellent quantity of labor that we have on us. One of these jobs changed into a Prestashop hosted with Sered, which has led us to put in writing this text to inform you more about this website hosting agency.

What is Sered?

Sered.Net is a website hosting employer (we’re now not going to explain what website hosting is at this point, proper?). He started to ‘prepare dinner’ in 2007 and become born in 2009, so let’s imagine that he has experience inside the zone. In this era, it’s been increasing its wide variety of services and its boom as an organization. They currently have 4 facts centers: Two in Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), one in Santiago de Chile, and some other in Sao Paulo, the latter to serve South America. We should say that they focus on the Spanish-talking public.

How did we meet Sered?

We discovered approximately this corporation through movies of Romuald Fons and the  TSA. There changed into one issue that stuck our interest and it changed into that you could pay month through the month, something that we had now not seen until now. I talked to my companion and we idea, well. Since you may pay monthly through the month, we buy it and if it works, door. It surely hasn’t been like that, because we’ve got a working domain (this one), the degaming.Es page (that is useless even though we nonetheless must mess with it), a site that hasn’t begun and elquetengoaquicolgado.Es, also hasn’t started. Yes, we’ve got 4 hoste domains even though to this point we simplest use this one. We’ll get down to business with the following ones, don’t worry.

How does SERED work?

At this point, we’re going to explain how Sered works, what alternatives it brings, costs, etc …

We, after seeing the video, are endorsed to attempt it. Once the web page was opene we noticed several options. We are left with the Medium SSD Hosting. Why this option? Because we desired to begin with the affiliate stores and we notion it turned into a great idea if you want to host 5 domains.

That we selected does not imply that there aren’t any extra. There are a few that I will explain.


Within the domain names tab you have numerous options:

  • Domain registration: You can sign up in any area through Sered. If you’ll host that area with them, I recommend shopping for it from there. The fees are quite exact.
  • Domain transfer: In case you have a hosted website hosting with another business enterprise and also you need to deliver it right here, you could do it without headaches, they deal with the whole thing. Keep in mind that this provider isn’t loose, even though if you rent a hosting you may have the option to switch one without cost.
  • Who Is protection: If you need to hide your facts in WhoIs, you’ve got the choice to achieve this for €3/year. In case you sign in a domain whilst you lease your web hosting, this selection will be unfastened.
  • TLDS: There is little to explain here. They comment on the extensions that you may purchase, a desk of charges, and many others… I am no longer going to reveal something to you, you can have a look at it yourself.

We’ve got use to two alternatives: area registration and Who Is protection. When we have a touch extra time, we can switch five domains that we use for the TSA Plus (which grew to become out to be a milonga chestnut) and we can try to do something in situations, this time with WordPress.

Website hosting

This is probably the option that maximum hobbies you. You are going to recognize that there are numerous alternatives: SSD hosting, SEO web hosting, WordPress hosting … Now we explain a little approximately everyone.

SSD Hosting

This is the choice that we currently have. There are four kinds: Basic, Medium, Advanced, and Advanced XL. We have the medium, although we can boom to the advanced in a totally short time. Among the common options they offer us are:

  • SSD drives.
  • Spanish IP.
  • Daily Backups (very essential).
  • Free Migration.

Within the one-of-a-kind plans, there are broader or smaller options. Depending on the use that we’re going to give it, we will select one of the alternatives. For a single internet site, we recommend the primary one. For multiple websites, any of the others. Although the advanced ones permit you to have up to 15 websites, it is not necessary which you put fifteen. You can put 5 and not move ‘so tight’. I go away you here a desk with prices and options for them. The photo pleasant isn’t the most most suitable, in case you do no longer see it properly you may see it thru its website.



Hosting Prestashop

I can inform you greater approximately this one, considering that it is the only one we’ve used for our customer’s assignment. We begin because this phase could be very interesting…

As  (and in case you don’t know, I’ll explain for), I spend the day browsing dozens or masses of net pages. Whether they communicate about SEO, WordPress, plugins, advertising, and marketing… The crucial issue is to be constantly inform. In one of these pages, I became studying that Ser labored very well with their hosting for Prestashop. We lately were give a venture from a patron to make an internet site with this CMS. So we determined to host it here. The project turned into exceedingly simple: A Prestashop Themes set up with a subject for it. Installation of charge modules (such as PayPal), carrier configuration, RGPD, analytics… Come on, what has been set up and general configurations. It is regarded especially simple, but in this global not anything is. We get equipped to put in the whole thing and WOW, it blows up in our faces again and again. Calm down, that the whole thing is solved. A few paragraphs under we will explain it. And sure, the solution is one greater reason for us to like this agency …

The commonplace alternatives are the same as for the relaxation of website hosting. The fees of the web hosting are the following:




There is one VERY GOOD component that Sire gives: They offer you FREE Prestashop templates. Yes, subjects that fee almost 70 cavass. You just must go to ‘ TemplateTrip ‘, select the only one you want, and ask them to install it for you. Fast and smooth. When our customer is located out, he becomes clapping his ears. Who doesn’t like to shop that sort of cash?

The page is still in its infancy, but for now, the metrics provided by way of Kingdoms are promising. And it is that being a specific web hosting for Prestashop, it’ll make the page achieve proper loading speeds.

Reseller Hosting and Magento Hosting

We aren’t going to speak about these two kinds of hosting. Not for nothing, however, because we have not tried them and I do not assume we can inside the destiny (even though in no way say never). But, what has been saying, that you understand that they exit.

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