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Range of wigs with different styling options to suit you

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Wigs are so versatile that they are like dreams come true for everyone who wants to try a different hairstyle. From Hollywood fashion to street styles, wigs are having a moment now. 

You can cut them, curl them, color them, or do whatever you want. That is not possible with your natural hair. Not only are wigs best for styling, but they are also a great protector for your natural hair. They can prevent your hair from being damaged while still giving you the freedom to try all-new looks. 

There is a lot of range in wigs that you can try and then enjoy a new self, whether you want a deep wave hairstyle or want to get a straight one. We will get into it after, but before you go in, a few ground rules need to be established before finding the right wig for you.

Key Concepts Of Finding A Right Wig- 

And these are a couple of key concepts like research, recommendation, and pricing.

  • Research- 

There are various styles of wigs available, so how are you going to find the right one? The answer is with the help of your face type. Our face type lets us know which hairstyle suits us the most. Suppose if you have a round face shape, a short hair wig will suit you best. 

  • Recommendation- 

A lot of options create a lot of confusion. But, having expert advice can solve the issue a bit. You can ask your hairstylist to know which hair wigs will suit you. It will help you to find the best wig. 

  • Pricing– 

Now you have to select how much you want to spend. If you are likely to have a high budget, there is no wrong with going with human hair wigs. But, if you want to stay in your pocket and experiment with different wigs, go with synthetic hair wigs.

Different Styling Options In Wigs– 

After getting all the key concepts right, now you can explore a wide range of wig options that can match your vibe and styling preferences. 

Human Hair Wigs– 

The first wig type you can have is the human hair wig. Prepping your human hair wig is not different from prepping your natural hair. You can detangle them, brush them, cut them, color them, etc. If you know your face type, here are some of the human hair wigs variations to suit you best. 


Based on length, human hair wigs have many variations but mainly two- long hairs and short hairs. However, after that, there can be a lot of styles like medium bob, short bob, etc. 

  • Long Hairs- 

Long hairs represent royalty, so go for it if you would like to try them. From a party to a casual look, long hairs never go out of trend, whether they are curly or straight. You can play with accessories, try buns, high ponytails, curly open hairs, wave hairs, etc. One of the best things about long hair is that you can try any hairstyle you want.

  • Short Hair 

If you have got an oval, round, or heart-shaped face, you might want to try a short hair wig. The short hairs wigs complement these face shapes more than anything.

Short hairstyles can also enhance your facial features. Trying a short bob for your next party look will be fun. Or you can even curl your short bob hairstyle to go to your office.  


Now, after choosing the length of your hair, it is time to look for your favorite texture. What would you fancy? You can distinguish the texture of the hair into two classes, curly hairs, and straight hairs. 

  • Curly Hair- 

Curly hairs are the best to give a little bulge to your face. So, they are perfect for people who have long face shapes. Hairstylists describe curly hairs that are packed with personality. Whether you pick a long hair wig or short hair wigs, curly hairs are always the go-to choice. Also, there are different styles available in curly hairstyles, such as water wave hair style, kinky hairstyle, beach wave hairstyle, and much more. 

  • Straight Hair-

When you buy a wig with straight hair, you permit yourself to try as many different hairstyles as you want. Because straight hairs are always easy to style compared to curled hairs, also, they take less time to style and are easy to care for. You can wear as many looks as you want with straight hair. Adding some accessories to your hair will just do its part perfectly.


Different hair colors represent different personalities. So, if you would like to explore some, it is time. Mainly human hair wigs come in these different colors. 

  • Black-

There is no match for natural shiny black hairs. They can charm any look. You can rock every party and casual look with these hairs without extra effort. 

  • Brown

You can try it now if you ever wish for brown hair but are too afraid to color your natural hair. Going brunette could be exciting in your daily routine. 

  • Blond-

Blond hair wigs are the most covetable hues out there. It is also the most natural envied out there that you would love to have. So, if you want to buy a blonde hair wig, don’t hesitate. 

Synthetic Hair Wigs-

Synthetic hairs wigs are an alternative to human hair wigs. However, you can’t style them because they come pre-styled. But they are also very pocket friendly compared to human hair. 

The most pleasing thing about synthetic wigs is that they are ready to go. You can just put them on whenever you want a new look without any hustle.

However, synthetic hair wigs have their cons: they do not last long like human hair wigs, and after every wear, they will start to lose their quality. That is why human hair wigs always remain preferable. 

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