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Quick Guide for Beginners in Real Estate: Bigha to Acre Conversion

by tanvibajpai1718
Bigha to acre

What is Bigha?

There are many globally accepted units of measurement, India also uses another unit of measurement called Bigha. This unit of measurement is quite popular in India and its other neighbouring Southeast Asian countries like Bangladesh and Nepal. It is also considered one of the oldest and traditional methods of measurement.  Bigha is further subdivided into two units of measurement which are known as Biswa and Katha. 

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Multiple states like Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana, Jharkhand, Punjab, Rajasthan, West Bengal, and many others use Bigha as their unit of measurement. Bigha is generally used for measuring larger plots of land and its applications are used in both commercial and agricultural lands.

Bigha does not have any standardized values and differs from one state to another. Here is a list of the state’s wise acceptable values:

State Bigha Value
Bihar 27,200 square feet
Gujarat 17,424 square feet
Rajasthan 27,255 square feet
West Bengal 14,400 square feet
Himachal Pradesh 8,712 square feet
Punjab 9,070 square feet
Madhya Pradesh 12,000 square feet

What is an Acre?

Acre is one of the oldest units of measurement that is being used globally in current times. Acre is widely used in imperial and US measurement systems and is being used in multiple countries like Spain, France, Canada, and Germany. An acre is 43,560 square feet, 4840 square yards, or 4047 square meters. Acre does not have a standardized measurement either and is different in every part of the world and the price differs accordingly for example an acre of land costs Rs. 2.70 Crores in Pune and the same would cost Rs. 3.4 Crores in Bangalore. 

How to convert Bigha to Acre?

To understand how you can convert Bigha to Acre you need to keep in mind that one Bigha is equal to 0.6198347106. You can even apply a simple formula to ascertain how much is one Acre.

One Bigha = 0.6198347106 Acre

Bigha Acre
1 Bigha 0.25 Acre
2 Bigha 0.50 Acre
3 Bigha 0.75 Acre
4 Bigha 1 Acre
5 Bigha 1.25 Acre
6 Bigha 1.5 Acre
7 Bigha 1.75 Acre

You can even consider using an online calculator to convert Bigha to Acre. You can use the following steps:

  1. Pick a reliable land conversion calculator of your choice
  2. Select the state in which your property is located within India
  3. Fill in the desired amounts in the Bigha and Acre fields.

Following these steps will find the value of the Bigha property into Acres.

What is Square Feet?

In the current day and age square feet is the benchmark that is being used for the measurement of land, apartments, and houses. Square feet measurement helps to understand the carpet area of the property. 

It is a must for property buyers and sellers to be completely aware of the value of the land in different units. Once they are aware of those aspects, it becomes easier to calculate the exact worth of their land. 

In India, different land measurement units are available. Bigha and Square Meter are two of them. Many times, it is required to convert Bigha to Square Meter. 

But doing that manually may lead to some errors and may not let showcase the correct result. However, it is still possible to convert Bigha to Square Meter using an online calculator. This way, it is possible to arrive at the correct details. 

Read on and know how to convert Bigha to Square Meter online!    

Indulge in an easy Bigha to Square Meter conversion

1 Bigha is equal to 2508.38 Square Meters. 

Therefore, anyone looking to calculate 100 Bigha into Square Meter can use the below formula: 

100 X 2508.38 =  2,50,838 Square Meters.

But while converting Bigha to Square Meter, one must also remember that 1 Bigha into Square Feet may vary from state to state. 

For example, 1 Bigha to Square Meter in Uttar Pradesh (UP) is 2508.38. But it is not the same in Bihar. It is 2528.82. 

Thus, it is a good practice to arrive at the correct Bigha to Square Meter unit using the online Bigha to Square Meter calculator. 

To do that, the state where you want to convert should be selected, followed by a number of units, Bigha from the drop-down menu and also square meters. 

Once the desired details are entered, it becomes easier to arrive at the precise Bigha to Square Meter result. 

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