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Pro Tips for Styling Your Pearl Jewelry for Different Occasions

by paltan

When it comes to making a sophisticated jewelry collection – Pearls are a staple! Pearls are classy, minimalist, and never go out of style. The best thing is that they complement every attire, style, and skin tone. If you are late to an event, don’t get overwhelmed; pearls may be considered complex elements to add to your jewelry rotation— but trust us, they have the power to go with more outfits than you may even imagine. Keep on reading to learn the tricks to style pearls effortlessly.

With a variety of shapes, hues, and ways to style, pearls can be used as both understated and statement jewelry pieces. The crucial thing is to select the right jewelry piece and style it wisely.

 #1 Styling pearl jewelry for work

Want to wear pearls at work but don’t know how to style them? If yes, this section is for you. First of all, keeping the workwear jewelry to the least number of pieces is a rule of thumb. Also, ensure that your pearl jewelry is above your bust line. Therefore, choose chokers or short-length necklaces than the ones with longer strands. However, if you don’t have short pieces, we recommend twisting the longer necklace strand to turn it into a layered neckpiece or a loose-fit cute bracelet. And VOILA, you are all set! Remember- LESS is MORE for your 9-5 formal look!

 #2 Pearl jewelry for casual outings

Pearls are super versatile, so you have no reason to avoid styling them for your casual outings, such as shopping or while going for a coffee with your friends.

For instance, if you are teaming up denim jeans, a solid tee, and casual shoes, you can amplify your look by wearing a pearl bracelet or a pendant with matching earrings. This is a fail-proof styling strategy to add some elegance to any look that is otherwise quite normal.

It’s suggested to avoid wearing your entire Hyderabadi pearl set together for such casual outings.

 #3 Pearls with a little black dress

Like pearls, the LBD has also become a staple in every women’s wardrobe. An astonishing thing about LBDs is that they can be styled in endless ways. A strand of white pearls will sure give a conservative swirl to your classy black dress.

 #4 Styling pearls for formal events

Weddings and business parties are considered formal events that usually have a stricter code for attires. For these events, you may go for a solid, minimalist dress or a beautiful gown that can be easily styled with a pearl set. For instance, black pearls are one of the prettiest options and can help jazz up even the simplest apparel. If you select black pearls, you can keep it sophisticated by going for a single neckpiece strand, minimalist bracelet, and studs. Also, you can choose a multi-strand black pearl neckpiece to introduce subtle vibrancy to your style for that formal evening. No matter what you select, just ensure your pearl set is minimalist and dapper.

We hope you liked these tips for accomplishing that DIVA LOOK without going overboard! Want to buy supreme-quality pearl jewelry? Consider Srikrishnapearls – your one-stop shop for pearl necklaces, earrings, and complete sets!

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