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PRO Services in Dubai – All You Need to Know

by sakinaburhan
PRO Services in Dubai

Dubai is developing as a business hub at a rapid pace. Entrepreneurs from all over the world are establishing their companies in this city. Due to the unmatched facilities and business-friendly policies, setting up business in Dubai has become an overwhelming decision for these entrepreneurs. However, that’s not the truth. The business owner has to go through complex legal procedures, heavy documentation, and paperwork for business setup, which is quite intimidating. In such instances, the facility of PRO services in Dubai comes to the rescue. 

To start a new company in Dubai and avail of the several benefits of business setup services in Dubai, the owner must fulfill numerous legal requirements. In addition to that, the acquisition of necessary licenses and permits is also required. Shuraa’s corporate PRO services in Dubai can help you with all your business needs and assist you in a successful business launch. 

PRO services in Dubai 

In a system like Dubai, dealing with various judicial authorities and laws can be a tiresome task. Therefore, to assist the business officials with the necessary legal requirements of the government, PRO services in Dubai come in handy. 

Public Relations Officer(PRO) is a Government Liaison Officer who manages all the documentation required by ministries, such as license acquisition and renewals, trade licensing approvals, labor contracts, visa applications, and other important paperwork. 

A PRO assists with several departments in Dubai, such as – 

  • Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • Dubai Economic Chambers 
  • Trade and Chamber of Commerce 
  • Dubai Ministries 
  • Visa and Immigration Department of Dubai 

The best corporate PRO services in Dubai will get you through all the legal requirements concerning these departments. Although the Dubai government tries to make the commercial obligations user-friendly, the mediating procedure can be extensive. Further, understanding the rules and regulations of a foreign country and keeping up with them can be quite difficult as well. Thus, the assistance of a PRO could be very helpful. 

PRO does not just ensure a successful startup for your business, but it also makes certain that things continue to run smoothly throughout the life of your business. In other words, PRO services are an asset for businesses. 

Need of PRO services in Dubai 

  • Update the company about timely registration, payments, licensing, etc. 
  • Monitor the company’s legal activities.
  • Ensure agreement with the judicial system and various government agencies regarding the company set up approvals and business activity permits. 
  • Take care of the company’s business license application and renewal on behalf of the company owner. 
  • Make necessary arrangements as per the requirements of the Immigration and Labor Department. 
  • Work towards various document clearing services, including employment visa, residence visa, labor card, entry permit, etc. 
  • Maintain a healthy working relationship with all the government offices.
  • To timely update the company about government protocols and rules. 
  • Maintain the company’s official documents, authorized stamps, and official letters sent or received from the government. 
  • Coordinate with the authorities for business-related certifications and sanctions. 

These are just a few of the tasks performed by the PROs in Dubai. The list of responsibilities dealt with by a Public Relations Officer is extended. 

To know more about the best and the cheapest PRO services in Dubai, get in touch with Shuraa advisors now. 

Why companies must hire PRO services? 

Sometimes the question arises if a company needs corporate PRO services and how they would benefit the company. The answer to this is yes! PRO services are necessary to help your business run smoothly, no matter how convenient it is to open a company in Dubai. 

There are multiple reasons why a company must hire PRO service : 

  • Hassle-free 

When it comes to hefty paperwork, there are chances of heavy fines and delays. A Public Relations Officer ensures that the documents are delivered to the concerned department on time, without any delays or late submission penalties. PRO assures a hassle-free business setup by taking over all the legal matters on their shoulders. 

  • Cost-effective 

Sometimes due to the load of work, companies fail to present in front of the authorities which leads to penalties and other monetary losses. A trusted PRO makes sure that you don’t miss the deadline. They guarantee timely processing and clearing of the necessary paperwork at a minimal cost. That means, hiring a PRO can eventually reduce your company expenses. 

  • Time-saving 

It is no lie that the legal work of a company consumes too much time. Ultimately, the business owner loses its focus on the activities of the business. This is where a PRO does its job. It takes care of all the legal stuff of the company so that the business officials can save their time and focus on the core of their business. They also make sure that the documents reach the offices on time, and the company does not have to incur a late submission penalty. 

  • Transparency 

When it comes to legal matters, transparency is very important. Hence, one of the prime duties of PRO is to keep a record of all the receipts, copies of government charges, invoices and proof of any other expenses. It maintains honesty and fair transparency on all the expenses bore by the company on judicial matters and government offices. 

  • Strategic business growth 

A Public Relations Officer in Dubai has a wide knowledge of incorporation and running a business in the UAE. Therefore, it ensures that the company operations execute smoothly and the business sustains for the long term. 

Points to consider while hiring PRO services in Dubai 

  • Scope of Services 

To avoid any misunderstandings and conflicts in the future, it is important to look into the PRO’s scope of services and discuss the provisions they offer. Most importantly, the company must confer the fees and procedure for each provision. 

  • Market reputation 

A PRO service provider’s reputation in the market is the most vital feature that a company must examine. Reputation is everything! To fulfill this purpose, it is important to get feedback from companies that have conducted business with the PRO firm. 

  • Team efficiency 

A legal procedure of business includes several activities that need to be performed simultaneously. It is impossible without a team of proactive and dedicated members.  Thus, the company must ensure that the PRO firm has an efficient team with sufficient capability to manage duties straightaway.  


Dubai has swiftly developed as a major business hub in the world. It homes various business sectors such as finance, logistics, aviation, tourism, pharmaceuticals, etc. With these booming industries, more and more foreign companies are planning to establish themselves. However, the strict commercial laws and regulations of the UAE make the job a little more complex. Hence, in this fastest-growing economy of UAE, there is a raising need for PRO services in Dubai to make the business setup hustle easier. 

Shuraa Business Setup has over 20 years of experience and knowledge in company formation in Dubai and other emirates of UAE as well. Over the years, we have made strong and healthy connections with government officials of the UAE. Our experts at Shuraa can help you connect with the right official regarding your business needs. Furthermore, we provide a one-stop-shop solution for all your legal issues and organizational needs related to company formation. 

To know more about the best corporate PRO services in Dubai, call +97144081900 or drop a WhatsApp message on +971507775554. You can also email us your query at [email protected].

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