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Peanut Butter Powder Non-GMO Gluten-Free Protein Supplement

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peanut butter powder

Peanut butter powder is amongst the healthy and nutritional supplements for people who want to accomplish desired fitness goals. These days you will see a flood of peanut butter supplements in the market claiming to be the best protein available around. However, we all know these powders are prepared using artificial flavors, which can harm your stomach and cause problems for your fitness journey. Nutri-Nut peanut butter powder is Non-GMO and gluten-free to ensure you get a delicious and healthy drink every time. In addition to that, this powdered peanut butter Canada is prepared using roasted peanuts, which are processed further to remove extra fats.

The supplement offers 5 grams of high-quality protein to aid you in accomplishing the desired fitness journey. Protein plays a crucial role in our diet and supports multiple functions in the body. Without proper protein intake, we might cease to function. We can consume it through natural sources, including meat, chicken, fish, and eggs. However, gym-goers have to attend regular exercise sessions and perform extensive workouts. Therefore, they need an external source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to fulfill energy requirements.

Our creamy peanut butter is a well-structured protein supplement that comes with many advantages, which are enlisted below. 

Fulfills protein intake 

Nutritional supplements are an effective source of high-quality protein. Gym-goers consume them to increase their protein intake and train harder. Protein is made up of amino acids, which are considered building blocks of the body. Amino acids are divided into essential and non-essential groups. The human body produces non-essential amino acids, and athlete has to rely on protein supplements for essentials. For example, peanut butter comes packed with a new amino acid profile to ensure your muscles are energized and ready for intense gym workout sessions.

Aids in muscle growth

Our powdered peanut butter Canada comes with a never-ending list of advantages. Apart from offering top-quality protein, the supplement aids in fast muscle growth. When gym-goers follow a diverse training program, their muscle feels stressed. It happens when micro-tears start appearing in the body and slow down your performance. Peanut butter goes into your body and eliminates the micro-tears. In addition, it injects your body with protein, amino acids and minerals to ensure you are feeling stronger. 

Professional athletes explain that individuals often feel stress when muscle tissues break down. Protein and amino acids reduce the breakdown by kick-starting muscle protein synthesis. In addition, the amino acid, especially leucine, promotes muscle growth and leads you to gain clean bulkier muscles.

peanut butter powder

Fat Loss 

Body fats can disturb your overall physic and lead to slower performance. However, when used through a supplement, protein can reduce fat levels. According to the experts, protein supplement like peanut butter comes with roasted fat and contains 85% fewer fats than other supplements in the market. Moreover, it improves your metabolism and enables you to burn calories faster. 

Some athletes cut their calorie consumption to maintain weight and drop fat levels. However, cutting calories for the long-term declines your overall energy. Peanut butter is a nutritional supplement that comes packed with adequate calories to maintain your body’s energy. It is also a great meal replacement, especially when you do not have the time to sit down and consume a regular meal.

Supplements your Nutrition 

Professional athletes consider our creamy peanut butter a superfood. These individuals perform various exercises daily and need adequate nutrition to continue their journey. Because of its delicious taste and several health benefits, it is easy to realize why peanut butter is excellent for gym individuals. People who work out regularly do not find a regular diet enough. Eating a large volume of food is not a good option as one can consume so much regardless of how much he exercises. Therefore, fitness freaks have to look for a way to supplement their nutrition. Peanut butter comes packed with adequate nutrition and calories from extreme exercisers.

Weight Management 

Gym-goers undergo a rigorous exercise routine, burning vast amounts of calories. Unless they consume an appropriate amount of calories, they risk losing weight and might face problems during muscle building. An experienced nutritionist can tell you that it will be hard to accomplish your fitness goals without enough fuel. Peanut butter supplement offers protein and vitamins to fuel your muscles and ensure your weight is up.

Removes muscle soreness 

Peanut butter powder has a never-ending list of benefits for its users. It is healthy, delicious and offers an adequate amount of micronutrients. Let us explore another benefit of this protein powder for gym-goers. Peanut butter can help athletes to ease muscle soreness after extensive exercise. During high-intensity workouts, the body starts feeling stressed, leading to slower performance. The condition is known as muscle soreness or delayed onset muscle soreness. Experts are working to find the real reasons behind the muscle soreness. However, no evidence has been presented yet to back the claim. Another group of experts indicates that soreness appears in the body when an individual hits the gym first time. The health supplement can aid these individuals in eliminating muscle soreness and enables athletes to bounce back on exercise with full strength.

How much protein should I consume? 

A highly searched question on the internet these days. If you are also looking for the answer, then keep reading. According to the experts, there is no accurate protein dosage suggested. It relies on the age, gender and metabolic rate of individuals. Some studies explain that individuals should consume 0.8grams of protein per kg of body weight.

Another important suggestion by the professional athletes’ nutritionists and dieticians is to avoid over dosage of protein. Protein over dosage can upset your stomach and leads to other health problems. When you consume protein above than prescribed limit, you might experience dizziness, headaches, gas and bloating, etc. 

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