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Need a Helping Hand? Special Assistance from Air Canada Flights

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With more than 120 destinations in the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, Air Canada Flights has plenty of options when it comes to your travel needs. Whether you’re heading off on an exciting vacation or traveling to meet business clients, they have several special assistance services available that can make your trip easier and safer than ever before. Learn how you can use their special assistance services to make your travels more comfortable and convenient with this helpful guide from Air Canada Flights.

Flying Canada Airlines with a disability

Most airlines, including Canada Airlines, offer assistance to passengers with disabilities who need help getting on and off planes or require assistance moving through airport terminals. This usually comes in the form of wheelchair attendants, but it may also include people able to provide assistance in locating wheelchair-accessible seating on Canada Air Flights. In order to take advantage of these services, you’ll have to notify your Canada Airline in advance—in some cases as much as 48 hours before departure—so that they can ensure someone is available when you board. To be sure your needs are met during a flight, notify Air Canada Customer Service agents at Check-In Air Canada; if you’re traveling internationally, contact their local office and ask for special-assistance teams that work internationally.

Get started online Air Canada Booking

If you’re flying, your airline has to take you to your destination. If your flight is canceled or delayed for six hours or more and you don’t want to wait, request that airlines provide a new itinerary. If they can’t get you there on time by other means, you’re entitled to receive meals and accommodations (no matter how far away your final destination). You might also be eligible for reimbursement of expenses if an overnight stay becomes necessary. Some airlines may ask for receipts; others will just accept your word on it.

Best time to Booking Flight Air Canada

The best time to book your Canada Airlines is three months in advance. At that point, you have a good idea of what dates work for your schedule and can get some really low Airfare Canada prices. If you’re flexible with travel dates, however, we found some great deals as late as 11 days before departure—sometimes even after Air Canada Booking. So if you’re not able to lock down travel right away, don’t worry; there are still chances to score some Cheap Canadian Flights down the road.

Security screening assistance

If you have a disability or medical condition that may require special attention during security screening, inform an Canada Air Flights representative in advance. A number of other options are available, including flying with an escort, using your own wheelchair at screening checkpoints and taking extra time to pass through screening. Depending on the nature of your condition and its effect on your ability to manage personal items, some airports offer airport wheelchairs for use during security checks. These wheelchairs must be requested by checking in with Air Canada Customer Service before reaching security Air Canada Check-In; otherwise, you may use your own wheelchair.

Air Canada Boarding Pass assistance

If you’re traveling with anyone who needs extra help, Canada Airlines has specially trained staff available to assist. Whether you need someone to carry your bags onto or off an aircraft, help with mobility issues or require specialized seating, we can make arrangements so that you don’t have to worry about your travel companions while at our airport. Please note: if you are disabled and need assistance during your flight itself, please let us know when Air Canada Booking and we will ensure that all required arrangements are made accordingly.

If you’re Transferring Canada Air Flights

To ensure your travel goes smoothly, be sure to let both Canada Airlines know that you need assistance. Please arrive at least two hours before your flight time so we can check you in early and have time to assist you. If we’re taking care of transferring your bags for you, please make sure all of your bags are tagged for travel with our airline. It helps avoid confusion during transit and when we arrive in our final destination. Finally, if you need help boarding or deplaning, please request a specific gate Air Canada Phone Number and notify gate staff (at both ends) that you’ll be needing assistance before getting on board or after disembarking.

Once you arrive at your destination

When traveling with accessibility needs, you should arrive at your departure airport as much in advance as possible to ensure you have time to complete Check-in Air Canada and security procedures. Before arriving at your airport, we encourage passengers with special assistance requirements to contact our Accessibility Desk for assistance at +1-888-801-0869. You may also email [email protected], 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please provide information on what type of Air Canada Customer Service or assistance is required and your flight number(s). For example: I am using an electric wheelchair and I will need assistance getting through security upon arrival. If you are bringing along an assistive device that is not usually permitted into cabin baggage, please contact us prior to Air Canada Booking.

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