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Light Or Dark Hardwood? How To Choose A Floor Colour?

by eada

Hardwood flooring is renowned in every country because of its durability and beauty. Are you looking for new flooring? Then, hardwood is something you should prefer. It is available in many types and patterns — numerous varieties to choose from. Start browsing the Internet, and all you end up with is being confused. How do you solve this problem? You can finalise the wooden strokes and patterns later, but it is first essential to determine the tone of flooring you want. This factor plays a vital role in enhancing the look of the floor of the house. But how do you go about it? Because that is another tricky thing to decide.

Factors to consider before selecting the shade of wooden flooring

Now that you are planning to improve your house by installing timber flooring, the question is, should you go with darker or lighter options? For some, the decision is easy — but, for some, it can be challenging as everyone in the house has a different perspective. To make your task simple, we can help you consider some factors before you select the perfect colour for your flooring.

The size of your room

Determine the size of your room. If it is a small one, going for lighter shades can help create an illusion of a more spacious room. This, when clubbed with light colour walls, can give you a sense of grandeur. On the other hand, if your space is ample, darker alternatives will provide you with a cosy look. Close your eyes and visualise the entire room; the flooring that you envisioned is an answer to your problem.

The existing furniture 

When it comes to choosing a hard floor, look at what the interior of the house speaks. What is your furniture’s colour? The colour of your flooring should not be the same as your cabinets and other furniture items.  They ideally should contrast each other to complete the look of your house on the whole (unless you are decorating on a monotone theme).

Scratch visibility

Regardless of which colour timber flooring you choose, it will get scratches and dents after some time. It is essential to check and avoid the shade that will show maximum scratches. Darker ones tend to show it more. To avoid showing all the denting and scratching, we recommend timber floor sanding by Doncaster Floors every year. Their services are phenomenal and reasonable. They will add a new life to your wooden floor. With this process, you can get a hardwood floor like never before. Also, you will be amazed to know that you can even stain your floors with different hues with sanding whenever you want.  


Estimating a cost is very essential. Flooring that goes beyond your budget is a big no-no. Prices are not dependent on the colour but the type of wood. For instance, if you plan to refinish an existing hardwood, going for a natural look will be less expensive than a stain. In such a way, it is indirectly related to colour.

Hardwood flooring is one of the best investments in home improvement. With the proper maintenance, they can last longer. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can choose light or dark coloured flooring. Go for the latest trends and styles — and most importantly, the ones that are easier to clean. If you have kids and pets, go for ones that are safe from crayons and pet scratches. Deciding it is a personal call, and we hope that this post has made your decision much easier!


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