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Kucoin Clone Script – The Safest Way To Launch Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

by stevejohnson

About Kucoin clone script

Kucoin clone script is made for people who don’t have a technical development team to develop the crypto exchange from start. Literally, Kucoin clone script can also be called a well developed crypto exchange platform that can be customized with any implementations. It represents and works with every feature that’s been seen on KuCoin exchange.

User centric features in Kucoin clone script

Spot trading

Spot trading is the primary trading mechanism followed in every crypto exchanges. The trader login the platform, analyze the prize chart and buy them at real-time pricing at the moment. The trade gets completed instantly.

Margin trading

Margin trading is made for advanced traders who have experience in trading. The crypto exchange platform lends some amount of crypto in advance and facilitates the users to trade for high profit. Interest is charged with respect to the amount borrowed.

Future trading

Trading on a p2p agreement basis with the help of smart contract code. Users are required to find the crypto price fluctuation and predict them in advance to get profits. Without owning the assets, and not being affected by volatility, the users get the benefits. 

Kucoin Earn

It is generally the digital asset management service in which users can access the various investment opportunities in fixed terms. The one dashboard that maintains and tracks all the investments carried out in the exchange platform.

Crypto lending

Peer-peer lending feature that carries out the crypto lending process subject to fixed terms and conditions. The interest rate and lending limit can be manually set by the users or auto-lending is also available when users don’t have time.

Trading bot

Trading bot is the AI based trading system that has been introduced for reducing users time in managing the trading. The bot can automatically trade on behalf of the traders following all the conditions fixed priorly. It eliminates human error and reduces volatility. opensea clone script

Business oriented features in Kucoin clone script

Token listing – The token listing option is designed and coded inside our kucoin clone script. It helps entrepreneurs to monetize their platform in return of token listing as a service.

Spotlight application – Spotlight application invites crypto project owners to get spotted in the featured section of the platform. The project or coin gets maximum attention and recognition in the market.

Market maker incentive program – The users will be rewarded with incentives for providing liquidity in the platform. The token holders will be greatly benefited from the program.

NFT launch platform – The NFT launch marketplace is open for NFT creators to list their collection and sell them. This NFT launchpad program is exclusively available in our kucoin clone script 

P2P Merchant program – The pre-screening application for p2p merchants to join the p2p trading mechanism. Anonymous traders get eliminated and maximum security is ensured for users’ funds using this program.

Default features in Kucoin Clone script:

  • Order matching engine
  • Trade order book 
  • Liquidity API
  • Admin dashboard
  • Security plugins
  • Payment gateway protocol
  • Third party payment channels
  • Wallet support
  • Mobile app for User & Admin
  • Market data API
  • Currency pairs
  • Multilingual translation
  • Lightning network integration

Why are we better than other Kucoin clones?

  • The Kucoin clone we developed is the fully completed functional model. 
  • The Script is coded with an easy-to adaptability nature when making any code adjustments. 
  • Keeping the scalability in mind, our kucoin clone script is designed with the latest tech stack and loads faster in your servers for handling all the operations. 
  • We at Hivelance Technologies have 30+ in-house developers to take care of your exchange in case of any issues.
  • 100% White label kucoin clone solution that’s hassle-free to make any optimization.

Kucoin clone app development

In Hivelance Technologies Kucoin clone is available with us in both web and mobile applications. You can launch the crypto asset exchange in both formats without spending much time in developing each separately.

Moreover, Flutter and React native are the technologies we are employing in the kucoin clone app so that much development cost is reduced. You can get an affordable Kucoin clone app solution with no limit in number of screens, API integration and UX optimization. 

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