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Key Features to Include in Android App Development for Business Growth

by Androiddeveloper
Key Features to Include in Android App Development for Business Growth

One of the key factors that accelerates the traffic to the mobile app is the overwhelming features. And Android is leading the competition with 85% global market shares. In fact, Google announced last year that there were over 2 billion monthly active Android devices. The Android App Development rule most of the business industries due to social media, messaging apps, e-commerce apps, on-demand apps, and enterprise apps. Therefore, it becomes more than indispensable to hire Android app developers to focus comprehensively while integrating the important features. They need to pay attention to small details because after all, the competition is very tough.  

In addition, the app development trends keep renewing, offering a scope to add new features that draw user attention instantly and is customer-friendly. There is always a feature to customize the features in accordance with the business needs. 

Features of Android App Development 

  1. Simple and User-Friendly Interface

The first feature to implement in the Android app development is simplicity with user interface. It must be ensured that the app functionality is completely user-friendly, which means that anyone without prior experience of smartphone can operate it easily. Most of the users form a good or bad impression of the mobile app within a couple of minutes. So, it would be better to simplify the user interface design and focus on it while building the wireframes. 

The app is successful if users reach to the desired page with just a few taps without waiting too long. With the changing trends, the gesture control is essential aspect of the app. It ultimately leads to the enhancement of the user experience. 

  1. Adding Enterprise App Features

The mobile app development has gained pace in the last few years and offers numerous benefits. One of the key advantage that it offers is streamlining the business process by enhancing the communication between the employees and different teams. Secondly, it focuses on offering robust security, which means that the data is safe. 

The business apps also offer a messaging feature so that the employees can interact smoothly. The enterprise apps must pass through mobile app testing to integrate additional features comprising CRM, ERP, and SAP integration. 

  1. Login Page

Most of the mobile apps these days need users to register through email-ids and mobile numbers. They may be asked to build a personal profile supporting owner to collect the important information; specifically if it is an on-demand app. 

But make sure that the registration page is simple and short. The users may get irritated with longer forms and unnecessary questions. You should just stick to name, mobile number, email id, and if necessary the address. 

  1. Fast Loading Speed

One of the major reasons why most mobile applications fail to build an impact in the market is because of their slow speed. The users prefer applications with quick response and thus you are integrating the features for the Android app, you need to keep this on the top of the priority. 

It must be ensured that the loading speed of the app does not exceed more than 10 seconds, which can go up to more than 15 seconds. It should be responsive as well and all functions should work well. 

Wrapping Up: 

The Android apps today are experiencing a stiff competition. One of the key aspects that can make your app stand apart from the crowd is offering the unique, user-friendly, and simplified features. People have become choosy and so you have to decide the most important features very carefully before implementing it. It would be appropriate to avail Android App development in India to conduct market research or develop an MVP of the product for actual picture of the market demand. 

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